Ferguson’s ultimatum “Give me 5 minutes… decide whether to go to Tottenham or not”

Manager Alex Ferguson, who led Manchester United for 27 years from 1986 to 2013, left as many transfer market stories as his fame.

Just before Roy Keane transferred from Nottingham to Blackburn in 1993, he noticed that Blackburn’s paperwork was less prepared on Friday afternoon and was going to finish on Monday, and intercepted by Manchester United on the weekend. That’s it.

In 2012, Arsenal captain Robin van Persie was stole and put on a Manchester United uniform, promising to “supervise for three more years,” but the following year’s retirement from leadership is also famous.

In addition to these bold incidents, there are also many hidden anecdotes that reveal Ferguson’s cool-headed side.

Recently, Fraser Campbell, who spent his heyday at Manchester United, Tottenham, and Sunderland, and played as a striker at Huddersfield Town until last season, told the story behind himself.

According to the British ‘Sports Bible’, Campbell showed a good start by playing as a starter for the 2008/09 season against Newcastle as a member of Manchester United in August 2008. got a call

“At the time, I knew I was going to be loaned out somewhere, and I was sitting with Wigan manager Steve Bruce,” recalls Campbell. did.

But then Campbell’s phone rang.

Ferguson told Campbell, “I decided to sign Dimitar Berbatov (from Tottenham) for 30 million pounds. But if you rent to Tottenham, Berbatov’s transfer will also be established.” “I actually gave notice. 먹튀검증

At the direction of the original team manager, Campbell had no time to think about what to do with Wigan, even though manager Bruce was waiting for the lease agreement with him to be finalized.

Coach Bruce made an absurd expression, saying, “I came all the way here to recruit you,” but Campbell’s trip to Wigan was nothing in an instant.

Campbell said, “He couldn’t say he didn’t want to go to Tottenham,” and eventually spent a season in London, the home of Tottenham.

Campbell’s trip to Tottenham became a handshake on the downhill side of his footballing career. He played just 10 Premier League games for Tottenham in 2008/09, including just one start. He played mainly in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Cup and League Cup and returned to Manchester United the following season, but he said goodbye to Manchester United as he was completely transferred to Sunderland.

It was only at Hull City in the second division of the 2018/19 season, 10 years later, that he scored 10 regular league goals for the first time.

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