‘Fantastic Volley’ Wolverhampton Nunes, EPL April’s Scorer Award!

Matheus Nunes won the award with a fantastic goal.

The English Premier League (EPL) Secretariat announced on the official website on the 12th that “Wolverhampton Wanderers’ midfielder Nunes has been selected as the goal scorer of the month for April in the 2022/23 season EPL.”

This award was made by combining the evaluation of the expert panel and the public vote of the fans. Through this, Nunes was honored with the award, beating other candidates.

Nunes scored a good enough goal to win the goal scorer. On April 8, he scored a huge goal against Chelsea FC in the 30th round of the EPL.카지노사이트

In the 30th minute of the first half when the score was 0-0, Nunes broke the net with a fantastic volley on the ball that flowed to the right of the opponent’s box. Thanks to this, Wolverhampton was able to bring 3 points, and it became a fuse to escape the relegation zone. 

◇List of 2022/23 EPL Scorer of the Month Award Winners

August: Alain Saint-Maximin (with Newcastle United, scoring a volley against Wolverhampton Wanderers) September

: Ivan Tony (with Brentford FC, against Leeds United) Own third goal of the match and chip shot)

October: Miguel Almiron (Newcastle United, against Fulham FC, own first goal and volley)

November/December: Demerray Gray (Everton FC, Scored by kick against Manchester City) *Two months combined during the World Cup break

January: Michael Ollis (Crystal Palace, scored from a free kick against Manchester United)

February: Willian Borges (Fulham FC, vs.

March: Johnny Castro (Wolverhampton Wanderers, vs Leeds United) April

: Matheus Nunes (Wolverhampton Wanderers, v Chelsea FC)

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