‘Fantastic’ EPL shaken 175cm center back… Achievement of ‘salary increase’ in the first season

He turned the concerns around him into praise.

British media ‘Sky Sports’ reported on the 19th (Korean time), “Manchester United will offer Lisandro Martinez (25) a new contract including a salary increase. Martinez showed impressive performance during his first season.”

Martinez is known as the favorite pupil of Eric ten Haag (52) during his time at Ajax. He joined United on a hefty transfer fee, but struggled in his first two games. His feared short height of 175cm was fatal. It was also pointed out as the culprit of the first consecutive defeat in the managerial system of Ten Hagh, as he was pushed back in the fight for air supremacy with his opponent striker.

He changed public opinion only with his skills. Martinez’s worried gaze returned to admiration. He started out as a central defender paired with Rafael Varane (29), and his strengths during his time at Ajax were revived. He has been reborn as a key resource in Manchester United’s back with accurate passing and skillful defense. His small stature didn’t matter much. Martinez won every contest with the opposing striker with his sensuous tackling and quick positioning.토스카지노

Legends also praised it. Liverpool legendary defender Jamie Carragher said: “To play as a short central defender, you must have exceptional talent. Martinez is a good player. I thought it would be difficult to survive in the Premier League, but Martinez has turned my expectations around.” Evaluated.

He continued, “It was a big part of the United spirit. Even when Martinez was on the bench, he participated in Manchester United’s scoring ceremony.”

Martinez, who had been on a winning streak, was out of the season due to a metatarsal injury in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Europa League (UEL) with Sevilla about a month ago. He has already played 45 matches for Manchester United this season. It is a feat achieved after overcoming numerous criticisms in the early days of joining.

On This, Man United is trying to guarantee a higher salary than Martinez. ‘Sky Sports’ added, “Man United is trying to renew the contract with Martinez. The contract period signed last year is until 2027.”

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