“Even one more striker… ” Hope that began at the lowest-ranking Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Shin Shin-ho

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which desperately called for strengthening offensive power, began to see hope with the performance of Shin Shin-ho (27).

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance is in 7th place in the overall attack (48.84% attack success rate) in the 2022-2023 season. There are not a few elements that can not get out of the lower ranks, such as the back (47.12%) and blocking (1.865 per set, 7th place or more), as well as the serve (1.198 per set, 6th place). At the beginning of the season, the offensive power of Ikbairi, who was recruited as the first choice in the draft for foreign players, was poor, and domestic strikers could not support it. In return for giving up setter Hwang Seung-bin (Woori Card) before the season, Ryu Yoon-shik and Ha Hyun-yong were recruited, and afterward, Kim Jeong-ho was traded with KB Insurance, but even after time passed, the expected offensive power did not come out. 카지노

Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo faced the reality. He focused on producing maximum attack power with his current power. Director Kim said, “It is true that it is lacking overall, but among them, the attack power seems to have fallen a little. Whether it’s high or whatever, you have to make use of the overall attack power. After diagnosing, “Recently, Ryu Yun-sik was judged to be helpful in the receiving side, so I appointed him, but I did not get the desired result. The team as a whole had a strong tendency to collapse in the beginning. I had to think of another way,” he said.

Director Kim’s choice was Shin Shin-ho. If balanced supplementation is difficult, the intention was to further strengthen the elements that can be strengthened even if weaknesses are more revealed. Coach Kim said, “As the number of games that collapsed in the beginning increased, I thought of using Shin Shin-ho first. He believed that it was important to reinforce at least one more striker for the setter to toss even if the receive was shaken. He should hit at least one more person. In order to do that, it is correct to enter Shin Shin-ho,” he explained.

Shin Shin-ho played an active part with 15 points (52.17%) in an away game against Hyundai Capital on the 15th, when coach Kim tried to change. At the time, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance lost by a set score of 1-3, but showed improved performance enough to engage in a close match within one or two points in each set.

In the home game against Woori Card on the 25th, there was a greater hope. Four players scored evenly: Ikbairi (27 points), Shin Shin-ho (13 points), Kim Jeong-ho (13 points), and Kim Jun-woo (11 points). Shin Shin-ho also achieved the most blocks (3) and serves (5) in a single game in his personal career. Setter Ho-Gun Lee, who led the development of the attack smoothly, said in a broadcast interview, “It’s easy to toss everyone, including Ikbairi.” The players also believe in the coach. It’s the lowest, but I think I can go up. We will try to have more fun together and win more.”

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