‘EPL 3rd place’ Ivan Tony, suspended for 8 months for violating betting rules! Failed to play against Tottenham on the weekend

Ivan Tony (Brentford) will not be able to play football for 8 months. The English Football Association (FA) issued a disciplinary action.

The FA issued a statement on the 17th and announced Tony’s disciplinary action. He will be banned from all football-related activities for 8 months. He also faces a £50,000 fine at the same time. The reason for the disciplinary action was that he violated the FA’s betting rules. Between February 2017 and January last year, Tony broke the betting rules 232 times. The FA prohibits betting on sports players.

Tony’s punishment was expected to some extent. Already in November of last year, the FA launched an investigation against Tony. In the end, the conclusion reached through the investigation was an 8-month suspension from football activities and a fine of 50,000 pounds.

Tony’s punishment takes effect immediately. I can’t go to the game against Tottenham on the 20th right now. The punishment expires on January 17 next year, but from September 17, four months before the expiry of the punishment, he can participate in team training.토스카지노

Toni has been doing great this season, scoring 20 goals in 33 league appearances. Thanks to this, Brentford is running ninth. Tony’s departure is a big shock to Brentford as well.

This is not the first time players have been accused of betting violations in English football. In 2016, Joey Barton bet on 1260 sports events. Eventually, after being suspended for 18 months, Barton retired.

Kieran Trippier gave confidential information about his transfer in 2019 to an acquaintance. An acquaintance took advantage of this to bet money on Trippier’s transfer. Trippier was sentenced to a 10-week suspension and a £70,000 fine for indirect involvement in betting.

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