Eating Despine’s cuisine, training at Chapman’s Gym… Will Miami’s special training result come out of the WBC 

 Youngpyo Koh and Joon Sohn, national representatives of KT Wiz, have been living in the United States for over a month. The two, who flew to Miami, Florida, USA for training on December 30 last year, moved to Tucson, Arizona on February 1 to participate in KT’s spring camp. After that, after digesting the WBC national team camp and returning to Korea at the end of February, it will be like being in the United States for just two months.

The invitation of Audrasamer Despine, a foreign colleague on the same team, was the beginning. To the two who wanted to train in a warm place, Despine offered to sleep at their house in Miami. The two lived at Despy’s house and worked out at the gym in the house of major leaguer Aroldis Chapman under the guidance of Nesto Moreno, who was the personal trainer of Ariel Miranda of the Doosan Bears. I did weight training three days a week and two days outdoors running and speed training. By playing catch with the WBC official ball, he also developed his adaptability to the official ball.

There is a possibility that Joon Sohn will participate in the WBC regular season in March, the Asian Games in September, and the APBC in November. He’s in a situation where he might be pitching for nine months. So Joon Sook focused on building up his stamina in Miami. Joon Sohn showed confidence, “I asked the trainer to help me spend the year with untiring stamina, and I focused on that kind of training.” . Koh Young-pyo, who suffered from poor physical strength at the end of last season, also said, “I trained mainly on the lower body this time, but when I came to spring camp and threw the ball, I definitely felt the strength in my lower body. Training in Miami seems to have helped.” 카지노사이트

Koh Young-pyo laughed, saying, “Thanks to Despaine, I was able to train well.” Joon Sohn said, “I hardly ate Korean food in Miami, so I missed Korean food later. Fortunately, I came to Tucson and had Korean food for lunch and dinner.”

Go Young-pyo especially expressed his apologies and gratitude to his wife. He said, “I came out of training not long after the baby was born. His wife must have had a hard time, but he made it harder for me to come back,” he said.

Miami training made with the help of many. In order to repay their help, Young-Pyo Ko and Joon So-Jun must endure this season strongly.

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