Director’s infinite love “I can’t imagine Mainz without Lee Jae-sung”

  • February 12, 2023

Reporter Kim Dong-ho = Mainz coach Bo Svensson expressed his affection for Lee Jae-sung.

Mainz won 3-1 thanks to Lee Jae-sung, who started multi-goals in the home game against Augsburg in the 2022/23 season German Bundesliga round 20 held at the MEWA Arena on the afternoon of the 11th (Korean time). We earned the valuable 3 points. With this win, Mainz was able to raise their team ranking to 11th.

In the game, Lee Jae-sung scored the first multi-goal this season by operating the scorer in the 21st minute in the first half and 7 minutes in the second half. With two goals against Augsburg, he reported his 5th and 6th goals this season. There are still 14 league games left, but Lee Jae-sung has already surpassed the 4th goal of the season, which he recorded in the first season of Mainz. At this rate, it is worth aiming for a double-digit score. ‘Built’ also awarded 1 point, the highest rating in the game. 카지노

After the game, ‘Bild’ posted an interview with Mainz manager Bo Svensson. Coach Svensson said, “Lee Jae-sung is a perfect match for Mainz. The way he plays, the way he fights, the way he never gives up. The same goes for humans. He praised him, saying, “There is no player more likeable than Lee Jae-sung.”

‘Built’ said, “Director Svensson knows exactly how important Lee Jae-seong is,” adding, “Mainz has a new love. Lee Jae-seong, who scored 6 goals, is chasing Onishiwo (8 goals), the team’s top scorer. With a contract until 2024, more and more big clubs will pay attention to Lee Jae-sung, and Mainz’s love may not last long,” he wrote.

However, coach Svensson dismissed the possibility of Lee Jae-sung’s transfer. He emphasized, “I can’t imagine Mainz without Lee Jae-sung.” Jae-Sung Lee’s contract with Mainz runs until June 30, 2024.

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