‘Director problem’ vs ‘club problem’… Tottenham’s ‘responsibility theory’ that is divided even locally

Is the replacement coach the problem or the player the problem? Opinions are sharply divided even in England surrounding Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham announced on the official website on the 27th (Korean time) that “the contract with manager Antonio Conte has been terminated by mutual agreement.”

It was an expected ending. Relations between Tottenham and Conte have been at their worst lately.

Tottenham have been eliminated from the FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League this season. The league is also 20 points behind leader Arsenal, and is in fourth place, two points ahead of fifth-place Newcastle United, who has played two less games.

In addition, after the draw (3-3) against Southampton on the 19th, Conte gave an interview to snip the club and the players, predicting that he would be hardened during this A match, and eventually ended in the form of mutual termination of the contract.

Regarding this, there are conflicting opinions in the UK as to which side of the team, the manager or the club, is responsible.

Jack Pitt Brooke and Charlie Acklesher, who are active in the UK under the global sports media The Athletic, have presented different positions on this matter.

Pete Brooke claims the club has major problems. 메이저놀이터

“Not only Conte, but several coaches who have gone through Tottenham recently have been weak in the locker room. Jose Mourinho was like that, Nuno Espirito Santo was like that,” he said. paid,” he said.

“This has been a problem since Mauricio Pochettino,” he said. “If Pochettino had sent players he didn’t want, he would have been above the squad. But Tottenham didn’t. The squad took more power in the locker room than the manager.” said.

He added, “Now Tottenham has to appoint a manager who will lead the team for the long term and give them the authority to kick out players they don’t want. That’s the only way Tottenham can develop.”

Acklesher, on the other hand, insisted that it was a supervisory problem.

“I can’t say there are no problems with the squad, but if you bring in a manager who is doing his best to overcome this situation, things will be different,” he said. “I needed a manager who could bond with the players properly, but Conte didn’t.”

“Conte pointed out the players, but can you say that Harry Kane, Oliver Skip and Ben Davies are selfish players? Are Hugo Lloris or Christian Romero, who have won World Cups, really lacking in spirit?”

“Squad reorganization may be the solution, but the same squad can make amazing progress with the right coach,” he added.

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