Director Lim Geun-bae “Shin Iseul-Jo Soo-ah, I hope you can do it”

Samsung Life Insurance challenges Hana 1Q to win. 

Yongin Samsung Life Bluemings will face off against Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league Bucheon Hanawon Q at the Bucheon Gymnasium on the 4th.

Samsung Life took the lead Woori Bank in the previous game and escaped from a 5-game losing streak. Bae Hye-yoon was absent, but other players filled the void.

Coach Lim Geun-bae said, “I hope to see the confidence of the players rise. In particular, (Shin) Dew and (Cho) Su-ah started in about 5 or 6 games, and I hope they go up through this process. “I’m not in a good state. But I feel like I just want to have the mindset that I can do it. The most important thing is that in the last game, Dew and Sua combined to grab 20 rebounds. The goal is also a goal, but it’s not easy to get 20 rebounds with two guards.” .

Lee Hae-ran had the best performance since his debut, recording 22 points and 13 rebounds against Woori Bank. Kang Yoo-rim, who has recently lost pace, also did her part by posting 19 points. 카지노사이트

Coach Lim encouraged him by saying, “Hae-ran Lee is a player who can do everything. Hae-ran is still young, so he has emotional ups and downs and gets in a lot of moods. When things go wrong, he lags behind, but if he overcomes it, he can play a full role.” did.

He continued, “If you ask me, it doesn’t seem like it’s that hard physically. As I continue to play this season, the opponent’s defense doesn’t let it go. This is in the process of growing. I think that is more difficult than physical strength. I told you to do it with a mind when rebounding and defending without looking at anything like when you first played. Even if the opponent sticks tightly, you will have the strength to respond.” 

Regarding Bae Hye-yoon, who has knee pain, “I’m preparing today. Depending on the situation, I can run. I’m not going to start for now. He said he would try. The swelling hasn’t completely subsided yet, but he said he’d prepare for the time being. Originally, it was not a chronic part, but now I will have to do it while adjusting it. Cartilage is not easily recovered.”

As KB lost to Hana 1Q in the previous game and caught Woori Bank, it is Samsung Life Insurance that took a breather from the fight in the quarterfinals. However, coach Lim expressed regret over the injury of Park Ji-soo, who was virtually out of the season rather than fighting in the semifinals.

Coach Lim said, “It is unfortunate that Ji-soo Park was injured more than competing in the playoffs. It is unfortunate that the player was injured. It seems that he felt more regret for being injured rather than putting meaning into it.”

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