Detailed relative PK analysis… Goalkeeper Pickford’s ‘water bottle crib’

  • February 14, 2023

This water bottle is not just a water bottle. If you look closely, the numbers and phrases are packed.

It’s a ‘cunning paper’ made by Everton’s goalkeeper, but did this kind of meticulousness really work? This is reporter Choi Ha-eun.


<Liverpool 2:0 Everton|Premier League>

Salah’s opening goal, which shook the net after six games by taking advantage of the counterattack opportunity, and the debut goal of promising prospect Gakpo, who received attention for a ransom of over 60 billion won, made the ground excited.

A fierce confrontation with local rivals ended with Liverpool’s 2-0 victory, and a water bottle from Everton goalkeeper Pickford, who struggled to the end and suffered defeat, caught the eye.

It is a picture that analyzes the direction in which the four key players of the opposing team kicked the penalty kick.

I even wrote down specific methods of when and how to move.

I couldn’t use it because there was no penalty, but it’s not the first time Pickford has prepared a water bottle like this.

It’s like a kind of cheating paper for the goalkeeper who is fighting an 11m single bridge fight under tremendous pressure.

A water bottle that can be taken to the ground is a tool that many players enjoy using, although they sometimes hide a lot of notes under their bodies.

As it becomes an open secret, there are gestures to prevent tricks. 온라인카지노

Australia’s goalkeeper stunned Peru by sneaking a water bottle during the penalty shoot-out at the World Cup in Qatar.

Elaborate and desperate psychological warfare of hiding and stealing creates another spectacle.

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