Defensive coach Park Ki-nam’s ‘masterpiece’ lecture at KIA Champions Field

The ground is a blackboard, the bat is chalk! Kia Champions Field hosted a prestigious defensive lecture by Kia Defensive Coach Park Ki-nam.

One of the students in the class was Kia’s Choi Jeong-yong. Choi has been filling in as a backup infielder due to the recent hamstring injury of leader Kim Sun-bin.스포츠토토

Defensive coach Park Ki-nam drew pictures of various situations with a bat on the dirt, and even tried his hand at batting.

It’s the end of the summer and the season is in full swing. One good defense and one mistake can make the difference between winning and losing. From a KIA scout to a second-team defense coach to a first-team defense coach, Park has accumulated a lot of data and experience, and he is generously passing on his teachings to the players.

Here are some of his best defense lectures.

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