‘Daejeon Man Again’ Lee Jin-hyun, “We are competitive in the K-League 1”

  • February 14, 2023

 “I’m looking forward to seeing what it will look like.”

 Daejeon Hana Citizen, which has been promoted to the K-League 1 professional soccer team, has foreshadowed a bright tomorrow for key midfielder Lee Jin-hyeon (26).

 As of the 14th, Daejeon is in the midst of winter secondary battery training in Geoje. In the first field training in Thailand, physical strength training was carried out, and detailed parts such as geojeseon tactics and strategies are being refined. Lee Jin-hyeon, the main waist resource, is also sweating. Lee Jin-hyun said, “(I missed the first round because of the transfer) and joined the team from the second training. He didn’t have to adapt because he was in the team he was in. He is training according to the team schedule,” he laughed. 바카라

 ◆ Lee Jin-hyeon, an obscure prospect,
 was the best among so-called ball kickers. Pohang Jecheol Middle School – Pohang Jecheol High School made his name. In 2017, he joined the K-League 1 Pohang Steelers and entered the professional stage. He first played in a professional league in Europe. In the 2017-2018 season, he moved to Austria Vienna on loan. He scored a goal before his debut and seemed to herald the birth of a super-large prospect.

 He struggled for about 9 months, but could not jump to the starting position. After that, he returned to the K-League in the 2018 season. He went through Pohang and Daegu FC. Even at this time, there was no appearance worthy of the nickname ‘genius prospect’.

 In the end, in 2021, he made a kite with his current team, Daejeon. He played only in the first division all the time, then came down to the second division. It was such an atmosphere that another promising player could not cross the pro wall.

 ◆ Let the class be forever
 Jinhyun Lee proved the proverb in the soccer world that ‘form is temporary, but class is forever’. Even after transferring to Daejeon, he did not have the reputation he had in his youth days. From the 2022 season, his mood has changed. He contributed greatly to Daejeon’s promotion to the 1st division after 8 years. In particular, he scored a goal in the promotion playoff against Sangmu Kim Cheon and played his role as his ace.

 He became a free agent (FA) at the end of last season. He pondered over several options before renewing his contract with Daejeon. Lee Jin-hyun said, “When he signed a new contract and returned to the team, his teammates didn’t talk much. It was the reaction that he was like the original player. He has adapted well and is training.”

 In order to show the eternity of the class, it is now necessary to stand out on the stage of the first part. Lee Jin-hyun said, “The first goal is to advance to Final A (upper split). When things go wrong, it is realistic to aim for survival.” “It is a team that has just been promoted, but the players have confidence among themselves. Even if you look at the actual composition, they are all competitive players. We think it’s worth doing,” he said.

 “To make that happen, I will try to accumulate attack points in each game. I want to help the team. I want to become a big hexagonal player (doing everything well without failing). I am working hard, such as gaining 2-3 kg of muscle,” he added.

 ◆ The European dream continues
 Lee Jin-hyeon set goals for this year to improve his skills and win in Daejeon, but he did not let go of his dream of going to Europe. Having made his professional debut in Europe, he knows how glamorous it is to play on the big stage. In fact, even before he signed a new contract with Daejeon, he is steadily knocking down Europe, such as participating in Poland’s Legia Warsaw training camp.

 Lee Jin-hyun said, “When asked to compare Korea and Europe, I always talk about ‘game tempo’ and ‘physical’. In terms of technology, there are some parts where Korean players are better. I think there is also competitiveness. However, these two are the most difficult things for Korean players to go to,” he said. “Language and cultural adaptation are next. When communication is complete, you can adapt to the team and communicate tactically. I think we need to make up for that a bit more,” he said, aiming for a better tomorrow.

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