Daegu 2 wins ‘fighting spirit defense’ Kim Jin-hyeok “It was hard enough to want to come out with my hands up…”

On the 22nd, in the second half of the 8th round of the K-League 1 match between Daegu and Daejeon, Daejeon’s wave of offensive attacks and a hassle before the gate, Daegu center back Kim Jin-hyeok threw himself away. Just before the ball was sucked into the goal line, it bounced off Kim Jin-hyeok’s toe. At the golden moment of securing victory, his teammates hugged him and Kim Jin-hyeok raised his hand and cheered.

At the moment of Daegu’s second win this season, there was always a ‘veteran’ Kim Jin-hyeok. In the home game against Jeonbuk (2-0 win) on the 19th of last month, he led the team to their first win of the season with a preemptive goal, and on this day, they defended their 1-0 victory with desperate defense. In 10 aerial competitions, he won all 10 (100%), 17 clearings, 6 ball acquisitions, and the highest pass success rate at 86.7%. 8.7 points for non-professional 11 players. It was the highest score of both teams. Coincidentally, this day was ‘Kim Jin-hyeok Day’ selected by the Daegu club. ‘Good striker’ Kim Jin-hyeok, who puts well and blocks well, smiled broadly at the goalless home victory.

In the 7th round against Gwangju, they lost 3-4, giving up a goal in the last minute of the second half even after 0-3 to 3-3. In the face-to-face confrontation with Daejeon, which beat Ulsan, the will of the defenders to win was determined. Kim Jin-hyeok looked back, saying, “There were things Gwangju did well, but it was because of our defenders’ complacent choice that we made a run that didn’t have to be earned.” Regarding the altercation in the locker room right after the match in Gwangju, he hinted, “It wasn’t until a fight, and everyone was very angry. The players, including the captain Sejingya, talked strongly with each other. Last year, we reached the threshold of relegation, but it was our will not to repeat the same mistake.” . “After conceding 7 runs in 2 games against Seoul and Gwangju, I had a lot of meetings with the defenders and the coaching staff. I believed that all the injured players had returned and if I focused more on defense, I could definitely bring results,” he said.

Victory for the home fans was more desperate than ever. I ran with all my might. Daegu had 14 shots and Daejeon had 15 shots, a game without concessions, and running and blocking non-stop in the tempo of the best-ever karate conversion, I was out of breath. Kim Jin-hyeok confessed, “I honestly wanted to raise my hand and leave when the 70th minute was over. There was a lot of internal conflict. It was really hard.” Gritting my teeth, I endured and endured until the last moment. And in the 42nd minute of the second half, a dizzying crisis of conceding. He instinctively reached out. “The defensive line got messed up when the opponent’s cross was coming up. The chance was given to the opponent with a bang, and with the thought ‘Let’s do something’, I stumbled and stretched my foot, but the kicking foot caught the ball,” he recalled. . What came after overcoming the crisis was a sweet victory. With the long-awaited ‘clean sheet’, he won his 2nd win of the season.

“‘Kim Jin-hyeok Day’ was the first time since joining Daegu. I thought, ‘I must win’, but I was worried because it was a great match. I am happy to finish with a scoreless victory.” smiled. Kim Jin-hyeok also showed off his sense of selecting Lim Young-woong’s ‘London Boy’ for the fans of Young-woong Lim’s fan club ‘Heroic Age Daegu Branch’ who visited the stadium that day.

Immediately after the victory, he also left an authentication shot with Kim Kang-san, a junior in the ‘Daegu New Defender’. He hinted, “I’m roommate with Kang San-yi. He has a calm personality and is a very solid player. He’s on the small side when it comes to defense, but he’s one of the best on the team at header, and he’s good at building up, and he’s an expected friend.” “I hope our team will develop further as players like Kang San-i come up and compete in good faith with each other,” he said.

There is another friendly competition. He is recording 20 goals in total along with Ko “Jagi” Jae-hyeon, who marked his 100th K-League match that day. Jinhyeok Kim of ‘Suite Striker’ said, “Jaehyun should put in more. He should cheer, not compete.” “I can’t compete with him these days. Jaehyun not only scores goals well, but he is also full of confidence when training. He is sharp in his movements,” he expressed his trust.메이저사이트

Kim Jin-hyeok, who wore a Daegu uniform in 2015, spent his entire professional career in Daegu, except for his days as managing director Kim Cheon from 2019 to 2020. What does ‘Daegu’ mean to him? He said, “There were times I hated the team while living in Daegu, and there were times I loved it… Now, beyond all love-hate relationships, it just feels like home.” The biggest reason why I can’t leave Daegu is, of course, the fans who dye ‘Daepak’ sky blue. Kim Jin-hyeok laughed, saying, “The power of the fans is amazing. Every home game gives me strength. I only want to play home games.” “Our players never take it for granted. We have to show a really good game so that the fans who spend their time, money, and passion to visit the stadium don’t waste their tickets,” he said. He repeatedly emphasized, “There are times when things don’t go as well as we would like, but we have to put all our abilities into it and express our gratitude through performance on the field.”

Daegu, which has risen to 8th place in the league with two wins, will play two consecutive away matches against Suwon FC on the 26th and Suwon Samsung on the 30th. Kim Jin-hyeok, who became the head of the family at the end of last year, did not forget his promise of victory for his wife and 7-month-old son, Do-yeon. “I will do my best to become a proud husband and father,” he said. “When my family came, I always made a heart ceremony toward the east. Next time I score a goal, I will do a ceremony for my wife and son.”

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