Curry battled with LeBron “I’m disappointed, but I respect Lebron”

“You have to fight with James every time.” The

Golden State Warriors lost 101-122 against the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2023 NBA Playoffs Round 2 Game 6 held at Arena on the 13th (Korean time) was defeated with

The series record is 2 wins and 4 losses. Last season’s champion, the Golden State Warriors, was knocked out in the second round of the playoffs.

Stephen Curry struggled to win. He led the team’s offense with 32 points and 5 assists in Game 6. However, Golden State’s season came to an end as problems such as sluggish fielding by Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole and collapsed defenses overlapped.

“It’s disappointing,” Curry said after the game. He was honestly shocked. We won the championship last season and it was our goal to defend it, but the season ended in a difficult way. We are proud of the battle we showed. The Lakers have shown great quality basketball throughout the series. Eventually they escaped round 2. We must challenge this stage again next year with confidence. Disappointment and pride coexist.”메이저사이트

“With 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter, I realized we weren’t a championship team,” Curry said of the shock of losing the series. Accept it and try to get better. We have to work hard to build the best team for next season. We need to retool and create a team that can aim for a championship. That will be decided over the next few months.”

His rival, LeBron James, has shown great performance. One of the league’s oldest players, he has been averaging 24.6 points and 8.8 rebounds this series.

Curry showed great respect. “I fight Lebron every time. He is a player who shows great basketball, great fighting. Who LeBron is, he understands how spectacular his career has been. He’s a great basketball player. If he’s going to beat Lebron, he has to be at his best. He can’t help but love the experiences that unfolded with him. Someone wins in this event. He has tremendous respect for James. He has no choice but to show respect for his combat and experience.”

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