‘Complete victory over China’ coach Hwang Sun-hong, “I’m not happy with the goal, we will be competitive in the remaining 100 days”

Head coach Hwang Sun-hong was pleased with his team’s friendly win over China as they look to win a third consecutive Asian Games title.

The Chinese Under-24 national soccer team defeated the Chinese Asian Games team 3-1 in a friendly at Jinhua Stadium in Zhejiang, China at 7 p.m. on Friday.

With the win, Huang successfully completed the first jade stone for Hangzhou Asian Games soccer. The team decided to play two friendlies against China to prepare for the Asian Games soccer competition in September.

Both matches will be played at the Jinhua Stadium, which will be the venue for the Asian Games soccer matches, which will help him get acclimatized. Hwang will face China again at the same venue on Sept. 19.

The Asian Games are usually organized by the Under-23 (U-23) national teams. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was postponed for a year and expanded to the U-24 category. However, the three ‘wildcard’ players, who are not subject to the age limit, will remain in Hangzhou.

After a scoreless first half, South Korea made a change in the second half, bringing on Cho Young-wook, Uhm Won-sang, Park Jae-yong, and Jung Woo-young. Hwang’s mercenary move paid off immediately.

Six minutes into the second half, Uhm Won-sang opened the scoring. From the center circle, Kim Bong-soo sent a ball straight to the front line, and the onrushing Uhm Won-sang used his toes to beat the goalkeeper.

Two minutes later, in the eighth minute of the second half, Uhm Won-sang added a second goal. Cho Young-wook passed the ball inside the left box to Jung Ho-yeon near the box arc. Jung then saw Uhm Won-sang penetrating through the defense and fed her. After catching the ball, Uhm Won-sang had plenty of time to kick the ball into the side of the goal.

With the game in hand, Korea drove a wedge in the 15th minute of the second half with a brilliant mid-range shot by Jung Woo-young. Jeong rattled the Chinese net with a strong right-footed shot from near the left box with a defender in front of him. South Korea conceded in the 18th minute of the second half through Suhao Yang.

“I think it was a good game for both teams,” said Hwang Sun-hong in the post-match press conference, “There are some things we are satisfied with, but there are also some things we are not satisfied with. We need to improve. We want to prepare for the second game, and we hope to have a good game in the second game. It helped us a lot,” he concluded.

Uhm Won-sang scored multiple goals on the day, but she had to be substituted again in the 24th minute due to a right foot injury. “We always tell our forwards to be aggressive,” Hwang said, “and Uhm Won-sang’s two goals were very positive for the team in that regard. Unfortunately, she rolled her ankle and went out with an injury. I hope it’s not a serious injury.”메이저사이트

Commenting on the 3-0 deficit, Huang said, “I think the Chinese team responded well in the first half. It’s a congratulation for them, but it’s unfortunate for us.” “As a coach, I’m not satisfied. I think we need to work on that. I wanted to finish the game with a clean sheet, and I’m not satisfied with the goal.”

Regarding the fact that he made a number of substitutions in the second half, including Uhm Won-sang, he said, “We are more experimental in terms of combinations rather than having a set best 11. We need to test different players. So we made a lot of changes,” he said, explaining, “I think there were some good things about the changes, but there were also some things that were organizationally unbalanced.”

Looking ahead to the Asian Games in September, Hwang said, “The goal is clear. The desire to win is indescribably strong for both the players and myself. But it takes a lot of sacrifice and preparation to win,” he said, adding, “There are still many things we need to work on. We have to work hard in the next 100 days to make sure we are a competitive team at the Hangzhou Asian Games.”

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