Cobra Golf Introduces Two Aerojet Special Edition Drivers

Club brand Cobra Golf, developed by sports brand Puma, releases two types of Aerojet special edition drivers.

The special edition model produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Cobra Golf and the PTC Edition Club, a collaboration between American Palm Tree Crew and Puma Golf.

The special edition model combines black and gold colors on the aerojet head. Sophistication was emphasized with the 50th anniversary graphic. The Palm Tree Crew Edition is characterized by emphasizing a cool, modern and youthful vibe by adding the representative tropical image of Palm Tree Crew to the air jet head.온라인카지노

The Aerojet Driver features an aerodynamic design with HOT Face Technology, PWR-BRIDGE weights and PWRSHELL inserts for fast ball speed and high forgiveness.

PWRSHELL insert with variable thickness pattern of HOT face designed by artificial intelligence is a representative technology for improving distance. The face insert, which was first adopted by Cobra Golf, maximizes the center area with maximum repulsive force.

Stability is also enhanced with PWR-BRIDGE weighting technology. A bridge is built into the sole for a low, close-to-face center of gravity. A back center of gravity increases forgiveness but reduces ball speed. Cobra Golf found the optimal position to increase ball speed and not lose forgiveness.

The crown and sole adopt a ply carbon fiber structure that is 30% thinner than normal carbon fiber. It lowers the center of gravity and reduces the amount of spin to create a strong trajectory.

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