‘Class is forever, Son Heung-min proves perfect’… praised by the British press

 Son Heung-min’s FA Cup multi-goal performance was highly praised in England.

Son Heung-min started in the 2022-23 FA Cup Round of 32 away match against Preston North End of the Championship (second division) held in Preston, England on the morning of the 29th (Korean time) and Tottenham won 3-0 with multiple goals. led Son Heung-min restarted the scorer after 5 games after the 2022-23 Premier League round 19 away match against Crystal Palace on the 5th.

Heung-Min Son scored the opening goal in the 5th minute of the second half against Preston North End. Son Heung-min took over the pass from Tanganga and hit it with his left foot from the outside of the penalty area, and the shot went into the corner of the goal.

Afterwards, Son Heung-min scored a multi-goal in the 24th minute of the second half to widen the score gap. Son Heung-min, who took over Perisic’s pass from the front of the penalty area, split the corner of the Preston North End goal with a left-footed shot after the turn.

England’s Sky Sports focused on Son Heung-min’s performance against Preston North End, saying, “The smiling Son Heung-min showed that the class is eternal.”

Sky Sports commentator Peter Smith said, “Son Heung-min laughed again. Son Heung-min showed two excellent shots and one was decisive. Kane was staying on the bench and in Kane’s absence, Son Heung-min must have felt responsible.” has been in the shadows this season. He was the top scorer in the Premier League last season, but he has only scored one goal in 17 games he has played for his team and national team.”

“Son Heung-min showed off a beauty that surpassed only goalkeeper Wood in the game against Preston North End. Son Heung-min’s performance is a perfect example of the fact that form is temporary and class is eternal. It is the result of Son Heung-min’s confidence recovery,” he praised. 메이저놀이터

Peter Smith said, “If the Preston North End match could be a turning point for Son Heung-min, Tottenham is ahead of a decisive time. Tottenham is ahead of Manchester City in the Premier League and AC Milan in the UEFA Champions League. “He expressed expectations for Son Heung-min’s steady performance.

Ryan Law, coach of Preston North End, who was completely defeated by Tottenham due to Son Heung-min’s great performance, said, “A world-class player showed world-class decisiveness. If Son Heung-min hits a shot into the corner of the goal with a left-footed shot, it can’t be stopped,” he said, helpless with Son Heung-min’s performance. It also indicated the meaning of having been hit with.

Tottenham, with Son Heung-min restarting the scorer, will play a Premier League home game against Manchester City on the 6th of next month in the 2022-23 season.

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