Chuncheon City, Shenyang, China participate in Peace Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament

Chuncheon participated in the 9th Shenyang Peace Cup International Youth Football Tournament, held from November 11 to 16 in the overseas friendship city of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China.

The Shenyang Peace Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament is an international tournament with 307 teams from 21 countries.

33 players from the Chuncheon City Sports Club (U12) and Chuncheon City Sports Association (U14) participated in the tournament.

During the tournament, Chuncheon Sports Club and Shenyang Sports Bureau will sign an agreement to promote mutual friendship and strengthen cooperation in the field of sports.카지노

In addition, the two cities will strengthen ties and cooperation in various fields, including culture, tourism, and education, in addition to sports.

“We participated in the tournament to promote friendship with Shenyang and to instill global awareness in the youth, who are the dreamers of the future,” said Lee Kang-gyun, president of the Chuncheon City Sports Association.

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