Choi Young-jun, who leads ‘New Jeju’ “I want the best 11, but the captain’s mission comes first”

Jeju United’s new captain Choi Young-joon’s goal this season is to lead the team safely for one season and advance to the Asian Champions League (ACL) next season.

The winds of change are blowing inside Jeju ahead of the 2023 season. Last year, there was difficulty due to ‘lack of communication’. It was at that time that the conflict drew attention again due to the recent press conference remarks between director Nam Ki-il and Yoon Bit-garam. Head coach Nam, who celebrated his fourth year in Jeju, acknowledged that there was a problem with the communication method last season and predicted a changed leadership, saying, “I will not wait, I will approach first.”

Choi Young-joon is at the center of leading the change. Choi Young-joon, who volunteered, asked coach Nam, saying, “The players will change according to the coach’s style. The coach should also change.” Upon accepting this, coach Nam is breathing with the team in a different way than before the winter training period. Players, club Officials are feeling the change.

Choi Young-joon, who attended the interview at the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp, expressed his determination to continue to actively act as a bridge between Nam’s coach and the players. The time will come. Then a crisis may come. This year, I’m thinking of taking the first step before problems arise,” he said. “It’s important to express. If the players don’t speak, the coach can’t know what the players are thinking. I will tell you,” he said.

The goals for this season are also focused on the success of the team. “As captain, I want to help the team by participating in many matches. I hope the team’s performance will improve from last year. I really want to qualify for the ACL. There is nothing personal,” he said. “I just want the team to go in a good direction.” . Below is Choi Young-joon’s interview Q& A Are you

doing well in winter training?

It’s winter, but it’s nice to have a warm feeling unique to Jeju Island. Director Nam Ki-il’s winter training is not as hard as death. Of course, it’s hard, but winter training itself is hard. Given that premise, it’s about as hard as you made up your mind to come.

Celebrating the second season in

Jeju. Before moving to Jeju last year, I had surgery and was not in 100% condition. It took time for the body to rise. This year, I expect that the ankle I underwent surgery and the team atmosphere will be good. Because I was in charge, I also had a sense of responsibility.

It is known that he volunteered the claim.

The director had a lot of worries. it’s a difficult spot Recently, the claim has changed once every six months. There was no one willing to step forward, so I said I would give it a try. Instead, ‘the players will change to match the coach’s style. I asked the director to change too. And on the day the coach announced that I was the captain in front of the players, I said, ‘Let’s go for a year.’ Right now, it’s winter training, so there’s no problem, but as the season progresses, the coach and players will be sensitive. Then a crisis may come. This year, I plan to go first before problems arise. When the atmosphere becomes heavy, I will tell the director that this is not the case. When it’s hard, I’ll say it’s hard, and when I’m thankful, I’ll say thank you. It is important to express. If the players don’t speak, the coach can’t know what the players are thinking. I will tell you.

Director Nam Ki-il often mentioned ‘communication’ during press conferences and professed change. I am fully aware of whether or not I am actually experiencing it

. Other players will too. You have changed a lot. It’s to the point where the players say to each other, ‘Why is the manager like that?’ One time, the director asked if I was doing well. He said, ‘You’re doing great. The players are feeling it,’ he said. It is important that the atmosphere is maintained as the season progresses.

As captain, do you think about how the club should move forward from a long-term perspective?

It should be a club that our players can feel proud of and that players from other teams want to come to. During the meeting with the general manager, I said that I would like to become a club like that. A player must have affection for the team to have a willingness to sacrifice. If there are more players like that, the team can go in a good direction. I’m trying to take care of the team more. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do it, but I want to instill the same awareness in the players.온라인바카라

What are your personal goals this season?

As much as I am the captain, I want to play a lot and help the team. I hope the team performance will be better than last year. I really want to take the ACL ticket. nothing personal Actually, I interviewed last year saying I wanted to be in the top 11, but I didn’t hear it. It was like that before. I couldn’t have said it. Only in 2018, which I hadn’t even thought about, the team (Gyeongnam FC) finished runner-up and entered the best 11. So I decided not to think about it this year. I just want the team to go in a good direction.

The attack point is not an important position, but there is no league score since scoring three goals in 2018, which was in the best 11. Since 2019, I’ve been repeating ‘0 goals, 1 help’ for 4 consecutive years,

and of course I want to score goals. But a few days ago, the coach said, ‘You don’t have to score goals, so stay behind’ (laughs). It seems to be difficult to score goals this year as well. I will aim for ‘0 goals and 2 assists’ by adding one more help.

If you can achieve only one of ‘Complete a season as captain’ and ‘Best 11 selection’

wow. I want to pick the best 11 (laughs). Still, the goal is to complete the season without major accidents as captain. If you do that, your grades will come out, and the best 11 can follow.

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