Choi Sun-ho, Lee Cheon-soo, and Lee Seong-hwan…U-20s keep the DNA of their win over Italy alive!

At the U20 World Cup, Korea will play Italy tomorrow (Sept. 9) for a spot in the final.

In the past, we have won two U-20 matches against Italy thanks to the performances of Choi Sun-ho and Lee Chun-soo.

I hope our players can continue that momentum.

The 1981 U-20 World Cup final.

Choi Soon-ho was known as the best technician in Korean soccer at the time, and he sank the mighty Italians with a brilliant display.

He scored two goals against a shaky defense.

[“It’s a goal, it’s a goal, it’s South Korea’s number 10, Choi Soon-ho.”]

Although the deal didn’t go through, there were several Italian clubs that tried to sign Choi right after the tournament.

[Choi Soon-ho/Suwon FC manager: “I’m playing for Korea, there’s no reason to lose against Italian youths, we’ve won a lot against Italy, (the juniors) just need to recognize that and play with that in mind.”]

Nineteen years later, a fearless prodigy named Lee Chun-su rattled Italy.

He scored the winning goal in a 1-0 victory in a four-nation Under-20 friendly in Japan.

[Lee Ik-Soo in 2000: “It was a tough game because I was determined to win, but I worked hard until the end and I’m very happy to have won.”]

Two years later, against Italy in the round of 16 at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, Ik-Su Lee again helped the team to victory by knocking out Maldini.

Then, thanks to a golden goal by Lee Seung-hwan, the Azzurri were defeated once again.

It was as if they had inherited the DNA of their victory over Italy.메이저사이트

[Bae Seo-joon, U20: “We will analyze the opponent’s power again and prepare well together to win the match, so please give us a lot of support.”]

In 2023, Italy is not a fearsome opponent, even for the young Taeguk Warriors with their untamed momentum.

I’m Lee Jun-hee from KBS News.

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