“Choi Ji-man-Pittsburgh’s uneasy start, will there be a problem?” Concerns in the US media are put to rest at the camp

  • February 13, 2023

Pittsburgh needed first base reinforcement to strengthen their offense, and as an alternative, they obtained veteran left-handed hitter Choi Ji-man (32) through a trade with Tampa Bay.

Although he was somewhat sluggish in the second half of last year, Choi Ji-man is basically a player with a good on-base percentage and strong long hitting power. If he gives up about his 2019 performance (0.363 on-base percentage in 127 games, 19 homers, 63 RBIs), he could be a big booster for Pittsburgh’s offense. However, from the outside, it doesn’t seem to be starting very well. Internal circumstances are something only they know, but there are some factors that can be seen as such from the outside.

On the 14th (Korean time), the North American sports media ‘The Athletic’ briefly summarized the camp topics of Pittsburgh’s 40-man roster players, expressing concern about Choi Ji-man. It is said that there are factors that may cause friction with the club, such as an application for salary adjustment, the joining of competitors, and a ban on participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

‘The Athletic’ said, ‘Choi Ji-man’s salary went into arbitration, and his expected playing time was also hit by the signing of Andrew McCutchen and Carlos Santana. Also, according to Yonhap News, Choi Ji-man was angry when the Pirates’ management stopped him from playing in the WBC,’ and added a question mark, saying, ‘The relationship between the Pirates and Choi Ji-man started insecure, but will this become a problem?’

Choi Ji-man’s salary for 2023 has not yet been confirmed. While Pittsburgh offered $4.65 million, Choi Ji-man called for $5.4 million. Negotiations were not made at the halfway point, and it ended up going to a salary adjustment hearing. The hearing is supposed to raise one side’s hand, not an agreement.

It seems to be true that Choi Ji-man felt somewhat disappointed about participating in the WBC. This is because Choi Ji-man was desperate for the Taegeuk mark, and he felt that the condition of his elbow, which the club took issue with, was good for himself.

However, there are many prospects that both issues in the major leagues leading to business relationships will not spread as special fires. Not only Choi Ji-man, but several other players also go to the Salary Adjustment Committee, and it is expected that the WBC appearance will no longer be controversial as Choi has accepted the club’s policy not to allow it. 온라인카지노

Whatever the conclusion of the hearing, it seems that it will end sooner or later, and if he shows a good performance in the spring training that starts around the 20th, the controversy surrounding Choi Ji-man is expected to subside. Anyway, as the team is expecting a lot as the first baseman, there is no factor that will greatly affect Choi Ji-man’s position. Choi Ji-man will join the Pittsburgh camp around the 19th after doing his personal training to prepare for spring training and meet his new teammates.

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