Cho Yoo-min, ‘National Center Back’, “Prejudice that you are short? I tried to break it”

Daejeon Hana Citizen’s center back Jo Yu-min is a man who achieved everything in 2022. He moved to Daejeon from Suwon FC before last season and came down to K League 2, but he set clear goals: promotion to K League 1, selection for the national team, and the World Cup.

He accomplished everything he said. From his first season, he was appointed as the captain of Daejeon and established himself as a defensive leader, contributing to promotion to the K-League 1 with good performances. In addition, he was selected for the national team led by coach Paulo Bento, and also stepped on the stage of the World Cup that he dreamed of.

Now, Jo Yoo-min’s gaze is heading to a higher place. He set the goal of advancing to the Final A rather than simply remaining in the K League 1, and had a clear plan to establish himself as the center of the defense rather than simply going to the national team.

– Returning to K-League 1

I’m happy to win the first game in K-League 1. I heard that a lot of home fans came to visit us even before the opening game, so I wanted to play the game quickly. It was not burdensome. I am grateful to be able to repay you with a victory in an important match. Now that we have played one game, it is difficult to evaluate K-League 1 with one game, and we cannot be excited. What is clear, though, is that he was able to gain confidence by winning the match against Gangwon. I hope we can find the confidence that we can play well in K-League 1. He talks a lot about having fun with the players. Last year was a lot of pressure. I think the pressure was bigger because I invested a lot while I was in the K-League 2. This year, rather, I have the heart of a challenger while enjoying the K-League 1.

– Breathing with Anton Gangwon

is a team with good wingers Yang Hyeon-jun and Kim Dae-won. With Kim Min-deok and Anton, I tried not to give up space behind the defense, and we communicated a lot. Sejong hyung managed the game very well. Anton couldn’t play the practice game, but he got along through his own game. The training attitude he showed when he first joined the team was really good, and his skills were good. He is a player who has earned the trust of his teammates right away. Me too, and Sejong-hyung also rated him as ‘the best among the K-League center backs’. First of all, he is a player with speed, and he is good at building up. He is good at positioning, adapts quickly even though he is a foreign player, and is active in line control.

-leader of the defensive line

Last year, it was good offensively, but it was disappointing defensively. There were many mistakes. He has asked to play defense from the front this year and is trying hard to press. He had a lot of meetings about pressing timing. 메이저놀이터

-Coach Lee Min-seong said that he felt a sense of growth after the World Cup.

It’s fortunate. (Laughs) Experience is the biggest. My goals and motivation also grew. It doesn’t make sense that my skills suddenly improved after attending the World Cup. The goal has grown. I am self-motivated and whipped, and I am working towards a bigger goal.

-Director Lee Min-seong’s suit

Originally, he wore a lot of training clothes, but today he wore a suit and said, “It’s cool.” I like suits. (Laughs) Maybe last year, he didn’t wear a suit because he lost in a match, but this year, he seems to have given me good energy.

-Family support My

family really supports me a lot. I take care of my body diligently, but when my wife sees that I am lacking, I often say bitter things. wake up the mind You seem to know football better than me. My mother-in-law also likes soccer very much.

-The performance of short center backs such as Lisandro Martinez

The hardest thing for me while playing soccer was the prejudice that a center back is short. To break this, I paid a lot of attention to the ball in the air. I tried to turn my weaknesses into strengths.

– What you want to achieve this year

There are two. As a team, we are advancing to Final A, and even if we lower our goal, we want to remain. Personally, I would go back to the national team. It’s not just about going to the national team, it’s about developing competitiveness. Going to the national team is motivating. The national team has two centre-backs playing in Europe. Ji-soo hyung is the hyung I really like, and Min-jae is my friend, but I take him as my role model. I watch a lot of Minjae’s videos. If you go to the national team, there is a lot to learn. What I felt the most about going to the World Cup was that there were so many good players. I felt that I had to grow, not settle for the present.

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