China celebrates big win over FIFA’s 160th-ranked team, opposing coach laughs at question…”Can China players go overseas?”

A win and a loss.

The Chinese national soccer team (ranked 89th in the FIFA rankings) played Myanmar (ranked 160th) in an exhibition match in Dalian, Liaoning province, on April 16, and won 4-0. Wu Lei, the captain of the Chinese national soccer team, led the way with a multi-goal performance.

However, even after this game, China’s current fans are not in favor of the team. There has been a lot of talk in China about the trial against Myanmar.

Earlier, a local Chinese investment company invited the Argentine national team to play at the Beijing Workers’ Stadium. Naturally, the investment company wanted to organize a match between Argentina and the Chinese national team, but the Chinese Football Association refused.

The reason given was that the Chinese soccer federation had already scheduled matches during the A-Match in June, including against Myanmar. However, some have speculated that the Chinese soccer federation avoided facing a stronger team in order to adjust its rankings ahead of the Asian Cup.

In fact, Argentina will be traveling to Indonesia after their 2-0 win over Australia at the Beijing Workers’ Stadium. Naturally, the Chinese Football Association could be accused of intentionally avoiding the match.

As if to reflect this, unlike the sold-out Argentina-Australia match, the Chinese national team’s game was completely ignored by the media and fans. Luckily for the Chinese, who were hoping to improve their ranking for Asian Cup seeding, they were able to get a big win against Myanmar.

However, their post-match press conference was met with derision. A Chinese journalist asked German coach Michael Fahrenheitweiner about the prospects of Chinese players with “outstanding” skills going abroad after the big win.

Pichtenweiner had previously worked for the German Football Association. However, it was a bit off-topic to ask after a national team match, and he reacted with incredulity.

“It’s not something I can do,” Pichtenweiner said with a laugh. I think we have some good players,” he said in a principled response.메이저사이트

Netizens in China also reacted coldly. They have expressed strong dissatisfaction with the Chinese Football Association’s congratulations to Myanmar after they claimed to have avoided facing Argentina. One netizen shook his head and said, “Are they celebrating because they don’t think they can beat Myanmar in the future?”

China will play Palestine in a friendly match at the same venue on Nov. 20.

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