Changed venue for Australia’s first Women’s World Cup match… 100,000 spectators expected on opening day

The first stadium in Australia, co-host of the 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup, has been changed. The International Football Federation (FIFA) expects more spectators to participate by hosting matches in larger venues.

On the morning of the 31st (Korean time), FIFA announced that Australia’s Group B group stage 1st match venue for the Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup, which will open in July, will be changed from the 45,500-seat Sydney Football Stadium to the 83,500-seat stadium. He said he would change to Australia. 먹튀검증

“Stadium Australia was originally planned to only host tournament matches, but given the significant interest in match tickets, we have decided to move to a larger venue,” FIFA explained. Sydney Football Stadium and Stadium Australia are both located in Sydney, Australia, so tourists are unlikely to experience any inconvenience.

With the decision, FIFA expects to draw more spectators to the opening day of the Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup. “FIFA’s mission is to organize the biggest and best Women’s World Cup in history this year,” said FIFA Secretary-General Fatma Samura.

Australia will play Ireland in the first group match on July 20 at 8pm local time. The official opening game is the first leg of the group stage between New Zealand and Norway, which will be held at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand, an hour earlier on the same day. Eden Park has 48,000 seats, and if 10,000 spectators are mobilized for the first match between Australia and New Zealand, about 130,000 people will attend the opening day.

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