Candid Jordan Poole, “It’s just a business relationship” about D Green who hit him

Jordan Poole drew the line as a business relationship.

According to CBS Sports’ report on the 16th (Korean time), Jordan Poole (Golden State) drew a line about his relationship with fellow Draymond Green, saying it was a “business relationship.”

When asked about his relationship with Green, he said, “I have nothing to tell you. We were teammates on the court, and we were people trying to win together.”

“We were just colleagues. Honestly, it’s just business. That’s what relationships are all about. It was only a basketball relationship.”메이저사이트

Poole was assaulted by his colleague Green in October of last year. During training, a fight broke out and an argument broke out, and Green hit the grass hard with his fist. ‘TMZ’, a media specializing in sports entertainment exposure, released a video of Green hitting the pool, and it was an assault to the extent of serious injury.

Golden State, who won last season, lost a lot of team chemistry after this incident. Compared to previous years, Poole’s personality has changed a lot.

This incident had a direct or indirect impact, and Golden State was eventually eliminated in the second round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs.

Poole left an interview saying he was fine at the time. But he drew the line at the end of the season, saying it was a “business relationship.” There is a high probability that this is his true intention.

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