Bielsa, the leader of Everton’s next coach

There are reports that manager Marcelo Bielsa, who is being discussed as a candidate for the Korean national soccer team’s head coach, is the frontrunner for the next managerial position at Everton.

Everton, who is in 19th place in the relegation zone, eventually pulled out a hard card. Everton said on its official website on the 24th (Korean time), “Director Frank Lampard has resigned as first team manager today. Everyone at Everton would like to thank Manager Lampard and the coaching staff for their services during a difficult 12 months. ” announced.

It was a foreseeable dismissal. Coach Lampard was put in as Everton’s firefighter last season and led the team’s dramatic survival, but after the start of the second half, they failed to win a single win with 1 draw and 4 losses in the league and fell to the relegation zone. Since there was no victory in 10 matches in official competitions 메이저놀이터, the dominant evaluation was that Lampard’s dismissal was a scheduled procedure.

There was a story that Bielsa was influential as his successor. He led Leeds United to promotion to the Premier League after 16 years, but recently parted ways with the team. After that, Paulo Bento has been mentioned as a candidate for the Korean national team’s command tower, which has left coach Paulo Bento, and has received attention from several clubs.

One of them is Everton. Everton is looking to appoint the next manager by conducting interviews with Bielsa and Sean Dyche after sacking Lampard.

Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ said, “Bielsa and Daichi have been meeting with the Everton leadership for the past two days, and they have left a deep impression. Everton hopes to make an appointment again, and the two coaches are the front runners for Everton’s next managerial position. everything,” he reported.

The problem is cost. Everton’s owner, Fahad Moshiri, prefers Bielsa as manager, but it is a problem that he incurs considerable costs. In particular, Bielsa has a coaching staff, and Everton has to pay a monthly fee of up to £1 million.

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