Bang Shin-sil, KLPGA Tour, NH Investment & Securities 2R 2 strokes, 3rd place

 Bang Shin-sil, a long hitter who appeared like a comet on the KLPGA Tour this year, seized another opportunity to win.

Bang Shin-sil hit a 6-under 66 in the second round of the KLPGA Tour NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship (total prize money of 800 million won) held at Suwon Country Club New Course (par 72) in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 13th.

Bang Shin-sil, with an intermediate total of 9 under par and 135 strokes, competes for the championship in the final round champion group in third place, two strokes behind co-leaders Lee Ye-won and Lim Jin-hee.

It is the second time this year’s rookie Bang Shin-sil will play in the final round championship group, following the Chris FNC KLPGA Championship, which ended on the 30th of last month.

At the time, Bang Shin-sil, who was tied for the lead with Lee Da-yeon in the final round, finished the tournament in a tie for 4th place.

Bang Sin-sil, who drew attention with her long hits of around 300 yards, competed for the title in this tournament as well, hitting an average of 280 yards.

Bang Shin-sil, who shot a 286-yard tee shot at the 11th hole (par 5, 515 yards) in the first round and 234 yards to catch a 6m eagle, showed off two tee shots over 290 yards that day.

Unlike the previous day, when he wrote down 2 bogeys, he played a neat game on this day, picking out only 6 birdies without bogey.

Bang Shin-sil, who is ranked 40th in the seed ranking, has no other way than winning to secure a seed next year and win the Rookie of the Year title.

Since the ranking of qualifications is low, it is impossible to participate in 50% competitions in the season where the prize money ranking is recognized, no matter how much prize money is accumulated, because it can barely appear in competitions with more than 132 players.

If you win, you can participate in all the remaining games of the season at once, so winning is the only goal every time you play.

Bang Shil-sin, who is doing the Dream Tour at the same time, said, “Since there are only a few tournaments that I can participate in on the regular tour, I will try to focus on the Dream Tour from now on.”

However, in the final round, he promised to let go of his greed, saying, “I will not think about winning tomorrow, I will only focus on what I have to do.”

Lee Ye-won, who won her first win at the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open, the opening game in Korea, hit 8 under par 64 with 8 birdies at the end of an almost flawless game.

Lee Ye-won, who turned on the green light for her second win of the season, said, “Today’s iron shot went as I thought, and the attack went well as I thought, so I had an easy putt.”

Lim Jin-hee, who has accumulated 2 wins in her career, recorded 5 under par and 67 strokes, aiming for 3 wins in a year after the McCall and Mona Park Opens last year.

Lim Jin-hee said, “There were several risks of missing the cut this year, but I persevered. I had the best opportunity to win, so I don’t want to miss it, but I won’t be greedy.”메이저사이트

Park Ji-young, Park Hyeon-kyung, and Jang Su-yeon, who ranked first in the prize money ranking, were tied for fourth place (8 under par, 136 strokes) and were placed in the group.

Park Ji-young tasted the joy of her hole-in-one on her 3rd hole (par 3). Park Ji-young received a 10 million won diamond as an injury.

Previously, Ko Ji-woo obtained a Mercedes car worth 90 million won with a hole-in-one on the 16th hole (par 3). Ko Ji-woo, who shot a 5-under-par 67 thanks to a hole-in-one, failed to overcome the sluggish 7-over par on the first day and was eliminated from the cut.

Park Min-ji, who won this tournament in 2021 and last year, reduced 3 strokes, but tied for 14th place (5 under par 139 strokes), making it difficult to win 3 consecutive wins in the tournament.

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