Apart from Kang Baek-ho, ‘15.2 billion positive will!’ The national team that catches the discipline of the stars, ‘Devil’s assistant’

  • February 19, 2023

There is no exception when it comes to the national team where the stars of the stars are gathered. From the youngest of the beasts to the oldest, if you don’t like it even a little bit, the fire command falls. The ground roars. There can be no ‘Seolleongseolleong’ in front of him.

LG Twins operations coach Kim Min-ho is also gaining notoriety (?) in the national team.

On the 17th (Korean time), Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA. It is a training camp for the baseball team participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). LG coach Kim Min-ho also joined the national team as a member of the coaching staff and is leading the training of the players.

Coach Kim called out the names of the players gathered for base running training. Even if the answering voice is small, it is a command to disobey. Kang Baek-ho shouted with all his might. Thirty-six-year-old Yang Eui-ji also let out a loud shout for the first time in ten years.

In a state where the atmosphere heats up with a strong spirit, the breathless running training begins. Stormy praise is given to players who perform well, such as “Hey, 100 points, you have a sense”, but merciless criticism fell on poor base base play.메이저놀이터

By the way, I can’t hate this character of Coach Kim. Even the faces of the players running around sweaty are full of smiles.

Coach Kim’s training, if you don’t stay alert, you’ll be in big trouble. However, he has an unrivaled coaching skill that never hurts the feelings of the players.

The training is hard for the players, but fun for the viewers. You can check it in the video.

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