Anyang, 2023 season captain Baek Dong-gyu, vice-captain Jung Jun-yeon and Kim Jung-hyun appointed

 FC Anyang has appointed a captain and vice-captain for the 2023 season.

On the 31st, FC Anyang officially announced that “Director Lee Woo-hyung chose Baek Dong-gyu, who devoted himself to the 2022 season team, as captain again this year.”

Baek Dong-gyu took the lead in raising the team’s performance last season, boasting stable defense. He faithfully performed the role of captain for the 2022 season, encouraging the squad both on and off the pitch.

In addition, coach Lee Woo-hyung selected Jung Jun-yeon and Kim Jeong-hyun as the team’s vice-captains. Jung Jun-yeon, who was a great help in strengthening Anyang’s side with her fighting spirit last season, is expected to become an example for the team by consistently showing exemplary appearances to her colleagues and juniors this season. Kim Jung-hyun, who contributed to raising the atmosphere within the team as the team’s vitality last season, is also expected to play a major role in uniting the squad. 

Baek Dong-gyu, who wore the captain’s armband for two consecutive seasons, said, “I don’t think I could reach the goal I wanted because the way I led the team as captain last year was wrong. Although the members of the players have changed, it is no different from last year that our goal is promotion. Vice-captain (Jeong) Jun-yeon and (Kim) Jung-hyeon learn from their older brother and want to learn from them and rely on them together to achieve our goal.” He expressed his determination as a captain.

Vice-captain Jung Jun-yeon said, “I will try to support captain Baek Dong-gyu so that the team can become one and move in a good direction.” 메이저사이트

Kim Jung-hyun said, “I will do my best to support Dong-gyu, the captain, so that I can devote myself as a vice-captain and do dirty things silently.” 

Meanwhile, Anyang, which has completed the first battery training in Hua Hin, Thailand, will prepare for the new season through the second battery training in Namhae from February 3rd.

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