“Any batting order is possible” pileup to AVG #3…Tiger captain to repeat as 2017 batting champ?

Can he repeat his 2017 batting title?

KIA Tigers captain Kim Sun-bin (33) has been on a steep batting upward curve. At one point, he was down to second base, but he showed off his hot bat in a three-game series in Gwangju against the LG Twins last weekend. He’ll hit any pitcher. This is reminiscent of his 2017 season, when he won the batting title for the first time.

He went 3-for-3, 2-for-3, and 3-for-4 in three games. In 13 at-bats, he went 8-for-13 with a whopping 6-for-1. Through May 25, he was just 2-for-8 and ranked 26th. In three games, he produced a slew of hits to jump to 3-for-2. She is now ranked third in the team in hitting. That’s not far behind the top-ranked SSG Heredia (.329).

Kim Sun-bin’s denominator is relatively low because she hasn’t had a chance to bat in a while due to an ankle injury early in the season. He has more than the required number of at-bats, but only 150, so if he gets a bunch of hits, his batting average will go up vertically. Of course, the opposite would be a vertical decline, but with his recent hitting form, he’s poised to take over the top spot.

Kim’s peak as a hitter came in the 2017 season. He won the batting title for the first time in his career with a 3.7 RBI average. At the time, he primarily batted ninth and second, making him one of the most demanding hitters in the league. As a 9-hole hitter, he connected with the top of the order, and as a 2-hole hitter, he fed the center fielders. His slugging percentage was 4 for 2. His on-base percentage was also 4 for 7.

The only other time he hit .307 in regulation was in 2021 (.307). He seemed to be slowly entering an aging curve. In 2022, he dropped to 2 for 8. But this year, he’s showing signs of rebounding. It’s been hitting consistently. In April, he hit 3.1 HRs, and in May, he hit 3.2 HRs and 9 RBIs. He is also batting in the center of the batting order, leading the offense with Socrates and Choi Hyung-woo.

Coach Kim Jong-kook said, “He can bat in the middle of the order or in the center of the order. He has good hitting accuracy. His long ball power is low, but his accuracy is among the best in the league. It is useful to put him in any batting order.” He continued, “Socrates’ batting is up. With Choi Hyung-woo at the center, Sun-bin and Socrates can lead off. Until Na Sung-beom returns, I think we will move back and forth according to the opposing pitcher,” he said, revealing his plan to use him as a center fielder.

Kim will be eligible for free agency for the second time after this season. He signed his first free agent contract after the 2019 season for four years and 4 billion won (1.6 billion won in signing bonus, 1.8 billion won in salary, and 600 million won in options). His motivation is clear. He’ll be 34 in December. He’s still got plenty of time to play. There could be talk of a multi-year deal during the season.메이저사이트

The variable is the summer. We’re still in the second month of the season and I’m feeling strong. The rainy season and the heat will take its toll. In the 2022 season, I was hitting in the high 30s for the first two months, but then I slumped in June and July. I have the task of finishing the season while maintaining my fitness. If he performs well, his contract will be much different.

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