Ankle injury→recovery, ‘Home Run King’ Park Byeong-ho “I want to play a winning game”

“I will play a winning game with a sense of responsibility.”

Last year, he overcame injuries in fall baseball and performed miraculously. Did you say ‘without gums’? Even with his ankle injury, he chose rehabilitation instead of surgery for the team, and focused on batting practice while kneeling on an uncomfortable ankle. This is the story of KT Park Byeong-ho (37). His persistence and fighting spirit set a great example for his fellow seniors and juniors.

Park Byeong-ho, who once again became the ‘home run king’ last season and played a big role, is now trying to fulfill the responsibility of the Taegeuk mark as a veteran in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). Park Byung-ho said, “I didn’t have high expectations because I wasn’t on the (WBC) 50-man list. However, when he was informed that he had been selected for the final list, he was excited and at the same time felt an honor and a great sense of responsibility.” 메이저놀이터

He’s not perfect, but his injured ankle has also recovered. It was helpful to start exercising earlier than usual. He is currently practicing at the spring camp in Tucson, Arizona, USA. He has only one thing left to do to show a fight without regret at the WBC.

Park Byeong-ho said, “I started exercising earlier than usual because I needed rehabilitation for my ankle that was injured last year. Since the schedule for the (WBC) competition is fast, I plan to increase my physical condition by increasing the amount of practice.”

He has been doing all his training well without any ankle pain. He emphasized that the WBC national team players would like to come together and play a winning game. He said, “I am in good shape. Currently, I am digesting all training without ankle pain.” I want to prepare more and work hard so that all the players come together and play a winning game.”

Also, when asked which country or player he would like to meet at the WBC, Park Byeong-ho dismissed it as “nothing special” and said, “It takes a lot of preparation because all the top-class players from all teams compete and have to fight against them and win. I will polish myself first,” revealing a strong will for victory.

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