“An FW with more World Cup goals than league goals”… The ‘mocking’ towards him does not stop

The mockery of Tottenham striker Richarlison does not stop.

Richarlison changed from Everton to Tottenham this season with a transfer fee of 60 million pounds (100.4 billion won). Expectations were high for Richarlison, who is also a member of the Brazilian national team, the country of soccer.

But his expectations turned to disappointment. Richarlison was pushed by Son Heung-min and was not guaranteed a steady appearance. Even when he was in the game, he did not perform well. In particular, when he failed to score a single goal in the English Premier League (EPL), he was constantly ridiculed. In his last season at Everton he scored 10 goals, and the record for most goals in a season was 13.

Then, in the match against Liverpool held on the 1st, Richarli Song finally scored his first EPL goal wearing a Tottenham uniform. He scored a dramatic goal in extra time in the second half when the score was 2-3. An excited Richarlison took off his uniform and received a yellow card. But the joy was short-lived as Liverpool’s Diogo Jota scored a theatrical goal just before the end, and Liverpool won 4-3.

The mockery of Richarlison intensified after this match. There was also a mockery of Richarlison’s back tattoo having the face of Neymar on active duty.

Then Newcastle’s Callum Wilson and West Ham’s Michael Antonio mocked Richarlison again on a podcast.

They said, “There are more yellow cards taken off the jersey than goals. Richarlison has scored a total of four goals this season and has taken his shirt off. But three of them were offside. So Richarlison has one goal and four yellow cards. . Almost honest,” he said sarcastically.안전놀이터

He also mocked Richarlison for scoring more goals at the World Cup than at Tottenham. In fact, Richarlison scored only one goal in the EPL this season, but scored a total of three goals as a member of the Brazilian national team at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Richarlison was responsible for the team’s 2-0 victory in the first match of Group G against Serbia, reporting multiple goals including a fantastic scissors kick goal. And he added 1 goal in round of 16 against South Korea. He scored goals in both matches and won. However, the match against Liverpool was lost even after scoring a goal. For Richarlison, this season has been too twisted.

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