Alumni Press Conference, The Football Association Blocked Communication

Is it an explanation or an alumni answer? On the 28th of last month, while watching the press conference of Michael Müller, the head of the National Power Enhancement Committee, reporters and fans watching live on YouTube must have had the same thought. 

The Korea Football Association announced on the 27th of last month that it had appointed Jurgen Klinsmann as the new national team head coach. And the next day, Chairman Müller, who led the appointment of the manager, stood in front of the media. 

The thing I was most curious about was ‘What are the strengths of Clins?’ 

Klinsmann led the German national team to third place at the 2006 World Cup in Germany. This is a story from 17 years ago. Since then, he has not been able to achieve outstanding results with club team Bayern Munich, the US national team, and Hertha Berlin. 

Manager Klinsman has not had a smooth relationship with the leadership throughout his coaching career. There is an assessment that his personality is somewhat opinionated. In particular, he posted a post on social media (SNS) and left the team in about two months after a disagreement with the club at Hertha Berlin, where he took office in November 2019. After leaving the team like this in February 2020, Klinsman had been away from the field without being called by any team for three years. 

When Klinsman pointed out that he had been criticized for tactical aspects in the past, Chairman Muller replied, “Football is not all about tactics.” At the same time, he said that Klinsman’s strengths were “a human aspect and a strong personality.” He added that his ability to handle star players was good. 

The five conditions for a manager he originally proposed were ▶professionalism ▶manager experience ▶motivation ▶teamwork ▶environmental factors (residence in Korea, contributing to youth soccer, etc.) )am. At the press conference, questions were raised about professionalism or coaching experience, but Chairman Mueller finished with an alumni response. 

Even when former coach Paulo Bento took office in August 2018, public opinion was negative. Most of the media and fans criticized him as a ‘failed director in China’ and ‘a director whose name is not worthy’. 

However, at the time, Chairman Kim Pan-gon explained very clearly why he was appointed at the senior press conference. The first explanation was that ‘a leader with a philosophy of winning by leading and dominating the game was needed’. And he also unraveled why director Bento fits that standard. 

Looking back now, the Korea Football Association perfectly set the realistically necessary standards. And because the coach was carefully selected accordingly, the round of 16 in the World Cup in Qatar was possible. Coach Bento created a systematic training system with professional coaches who work with him, and changed the constitution of the Korean national team so that they can play soccer ahead of them in terms of possession. 

When asked how to carry on this legacy, Müller said, “You can’t copy someone else’s style. Like the song ‘Gangnam Style’, we have to create a Korean style.” It seemed that he did not understand the context of the national team coach appointment process.  토토사이트

The part that fans were also curious about was what kind of coach Klinsman was working with. In modern football, it is impossible to make a team by a manager alone. Chairman Mueller replied, “It is under discussion, so I cannot disclose it yet,” but foreign media reported that coach Paolo Stringara (Italy), who coached Klinsman in the past when he was with the US national team, would join the team. For Klinsman, who has a 3-year hiatus, it would be right to say that ‘Division’ does not exist at all. 

There is one more noise. It is said that the appointment of director Klinsman was made without the power reinforcement committee members expressing their opinions or participating. In fact, it is a situation where there is even a back story mixed with resentment that the Power Reinforcement Committee was a sidekick. However, Chairman Müller only gave a theoretical explanation of these words, saying, “I shared them with the committee.” 

The Korea Football Association brought in a coach who was a star player who has become a forgotten leader in the international soccer world. It also seems to have been done without sufficient internal discussion. why? Everyone is curious, but the reality of the Korea Football Association is that there is not a single talented person who can come forward and explain and wrap the reason.
Chairman Müller spoke in English, not in his native language (German), and the interpreter relayed it. The process closed off any room for questioning. The boring press conference was a symbolic event that clearly showed that the Korea Football Association had no meaning in communication. 

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