After the shock of losing the PGA Tour ticket, there is no ‘roughly’ or ‘give up’ in my dictionary

Ahn Byeong-hun (32), who returned to the US Professional Golf (PGA) tour, is expected to have the busiest schedule since his professional debut. This is because he planned to compete in almost all competitions in the 2022-2023 PGA Tour season, which started in September of last year. I went to Hawaii for the first time this year, in my 6th season, where the first full-field event of the year, the Sony Open, is held, and if you are a PGA Tour player, you have visited at least once. What is the reason for Ahn Byung-hun, who competes in all nine competitions this season, to have a packed schedule unlike the previous season? It is because I realized the importance of the right to participate in the PGA Tour.

Ahn Byeong-hoon said, “After experiencing the Korn Ferry Tour, I realized why the PGA Tour is called the best tour in the world.” will survive,” he said.

The difference between the PGA Tour and the Korn Ferry Tour is incomparable. From the total prize money of the tournament to the golf course, vehicle support, and meals, everything is different. It is for this reason that the best golfers from all over the world gather. Ahn Byeong-hun, who started his professional life in Europe, also settled on the PGA Tour for the same reason. However, it is not easy to survive in this place where competition is fierce every year. If he fails to make it into the top 125 in the FedEx Cup rankings due to prolonged sluggishness and injury, he has to return his PGA tour ticket. It is for the same reason that Ahn Byeong-hoon, who suffered the loss of his PGA tour ticket last year, is crazy about golf. 먹튀검증

The first button of the new year was well put on. An Byeong-hun tied for 12th at the PGA Tour Sony Open, which ended on the 16th (Korean time). He didn’t make the top 10, but he was very satisfied. It was by successfully completing the Sony Open, his first appearance since his professional debut. Ahn Byeong-hoon explained, “I don’t seem to give up on the sweat I shed. The power of hard work is enormous. There are no words like rough and give up in my head. I will try to pour 100% into future competitions.”

His wife and the first, the second to be born soon, are the ones who make Ahn Byeong-hoon hold his heart whenever he is having a hard time. Ahn Byeong-hun said, “I don’t think he would have worked as hard as he does now without his family.” Ahn Byeong-hoon, who will participate in the PGA Tour American Express (total prize money of 8 million dollars) to be held in La Quinta, California, for four days from the 20th, revealed that he had ‘initial intention’ engraved in his heart. He said, “I’m trying to set the schedule for this season with the attitude of a rookie.”

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