‘Advancing to the finals of all competitions’ Bundang Samsung… It’s not just a national youth basketball class for nothing

The Samsung Basketball Class in Bundang accomplished the feat of winning prizes in each category before the competition. 

Assist For You (Assist For Youth) project, which is underway for the development of youth basketball in Korea from 2022. The Samsung Basketball Class in Bundang, which is working with this project, participated in 6 categories in the 2023 Hoengseong Hanwoo Youth Basketball Club’s strongest game, leaving a record of advancing to the finals in all categories. 

On the 22nd and 23rd, the 2023 Hoengseong Hanwoo Youth Basketball Club Strongest Match, held at the Hoengseong National Sports Center in Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, featured prestigious youth basketball club teams from all over the country, demonstrating their honed skills throughout the winter. 

Hoengseong-gun is helping to develop Korean basketball by hosting youth basketball every year. In particular, in 2021 and 2022, when Corona 19 was rampant, youth basketball tournaments were held with differentiated policies, helping youth club basketball, which was on the verge of collapse, to remain alive.

Bundang Samsung, DB, The Most, and Gangdong SK participated in this competition, which was held in six categories from the second grade of elementary school to the first grade of middle school. 

Bundang Samsung Basketball Class, which has established itself as a national youth basketball class with consistent prizes in competitions every year and exemplary behavior of its players, also participated in this competition. The Samsung Basketball Class in Bundang, which participated in all six categories, played a part in heightening the atmosphere of the event by filling the Hoengseong National Sports Center with participating players and parent cheering squads.

Bundang Samsung Basketball Class players in each category showed their best in every game, and the leaders who passionately guided the children on the bench also showed their concentration until the end regardless of the score difference. It was a courtesy to the opposing team.

An official from Hoengseong-gun, which hosted this tournament, said, “I was surprised to see so many players wearing Samsung uniforms at the stadium. Thankfully, I found out that there are so many little Samsung players who participated in all categories at the Samsung Basketball Class in Bundang.” It seems that the cards were the Bundang Samsung players. I hope you will continue to participate in the youth basketball tournament held in Hoengseong in the future.”토스카지노

Sex was also excellent. 

Bundang Samsung Basketball Class, which won all of the 6 categories held in this competition, won the 2nd and 6th grade divisions in elementary school and 3 categories in the 1st grade division in middle school. Vomited. 

Even as a Bundang Samsung Basketball Class that consistently participates in youth basketball tournaments every month, this 2023 Hoengseong Hanwoo Cup Youth Basketball Club Strongest Match was the first case of reaching the finals in all categories before the competition.

Bundang Samsung Basketball Class Director Geum Jeong-hwan said, “I am happy that the children finished the tournament happily without getting hurt. Rather than grades, it was enough if the children had a good experience for two days. I will continue to work hard so that the children can have a good experience.” It promised to become the Bundang Samsung Basketball Class. 

Assist For Youth is a project that assists to spread youth basketball by joining forces with youth basketball classes across the country from 2022. Inquiries about joining the Up For You Project can be made through the official Instagram account (@assist_for_youth).  

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