A pronoun for corrupt politicians, but first-class as the owner… Berlusconi’s dream of winning Monza

A politician who has been criticized for corruption and populism, but in the football world, the historic owner Silvio Berlusconi has revealed his ambition to take Monza to the top.

Berlusconi is a famous politician who served three terms as Prime Minister of Italy. Throughout his political career, he was criticized for populism, ignorance, and allegations of corruption, and was eventually convicted of tax evasion. He is also cited as a representative example of using soccer well for politics. As the owner of AC Milan, he put his team to the world’s best and used his popularity well. Then, in 2016, around the time of his political retirement, he withdrew from Milan management.

In 2018, he acquired Monza, a third division team based in a small town near Milan, but Berlusconi’s wealth was still sufficient to create the strongest team in the lower league. Monza was promoted to Serie A last year. And as of the 20th round, it is cruising to 11th place. Even during his time at Milan, CEO Adriano Galliani, who was Berlusconi’s confidant, has been resourceful in recruiting star players. 먹튀검증

On January 29th (Korean time), Monza vomited the spirit of winning 2-0 away from Juventus. He has won two matches against Juventus this season. As Berlusconi said, Monza was sluggish until last September, and after firing manager Giovanni Stroppa and appointing manager Raffaele Paladino, they were on the rise. The current league record is 7 wins, 4 draws and 9 losses, but 7 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses, excluding 1 draw and 5 losses during the days of coach Stroppa, are much better. He also emphasized that they are growing the club together, saying, “In the past, our crowd was only 300, but now it is 10,000. We have to make Monza great.”

Berlusconi appeared in the press for a long time riding on the momentum of victory. Berlusconi gave a short speech of encouragement and support to the Monza players. “After Palladino took office, if we look at our results, we are in 5th place along with Milan. We are built on trust in Monza. Let’s aim for the Scudetto (winning Serie A) next season or the season after that.”

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