“A player I’ve known since Salzburg”… There was a reason for Tenhach’s ‘PICK’

Director Eric Ten Haag revealed his expectations for Marcel Sabitzer.

Manchester United officially announced the signing on the official website on the 1st (hereinafter Korean time), saying, “We are delighted that Xavicher has joined on loan from Bayern Munich until June 2023.”

Manchester United hastily signed Xavicher on transfer deadline day. There is a reason why Man Utd urgently brought Mercy. This is because the team’s key midfielder, Christian Eriksen, suffered a long-term injury and is on the verge of a season out.

On the 31st, Manchester United said on the club website, “Man Utd midfielder Eriksen suffered an ankle injury in the last match against Reading and is expected to be out for a long time. There is a high possibility that it will be out by .”

Since the season ends in mid-May, the evaluation that it is virtually out of season is dominant. In the end, Manchester United were on the verge of going through the season with a loss of key resources for the rest of the season. In the end, he urgently recruited Mercy on the transfer market deadline.

Sabitzer is a special midfielder developed by Leipzig. He is a midfielder with an aggressive disposition, and is a player whose strength is active. He is also very good at kicking, so he is equipped with free kick skills that can be compared to David Beckham. 카지노사이트

After growing up at Leipzig, Sabitzer joined Bayern Munich in the summer of 2021. However, in Munich, it was evaluated as a failed recruitment, leaving only regrets. His strengths gradually faded, and he suffered frequent injuries that prevented him from showing his full potential. He has shown ups and downs this season as well, and is highly evaluated as being below expectations. Naturally, the playing time was reduced, and it is known that Xavier was also dissatisfied with this.

In the end, he headed to Old Trafford in an instant. It’s a short-term lease for 6 months, but it was a transfer that all of Manchester United, Mercy, and Munich could laugh at. Director Ten Hagh also expressed expectations. After the second leg of the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) against Nottingham Forest, he said, “He was a player I knew from Salzburg. Especially at Leipzig he played fantastically. I expect the same here.”

He continued, “He has a great attitude, he’s the perfect age. I’m sure this opportunity will motivate him and he will play for us.”

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