“A Marine Corps song I heard by chance, it turned out to be a magic spell”

  • February 27, 2023

There is a 2006 born who is full of aspirations to climb the podium by singing the Marine Corps song before the snowboard halfpipe competition. He is Lee Chae-woon, who is called a ‘snowboard prodigy’. He was the second-youngest among all the athletes who participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics last year, and within a year he was reborn as one of the top athletes competing to win the FIS Snowboard World Cup and World Championships.

Lee Chae-woon, who first encountered snowboarding at the age of 6, decided to become a halfpipe player at the age of 10. Snowboard halfpipe is a competition in which judges score and rank rankings according to basic movements, rotation, technique, and difficulty of aerial performances such as rotation and jumping on an inclined semi-cylindrical slope. After spending time studying, art, and soccer like normal students, he realized that ‘nothing is as fun as snowboarding’, and he walked the path of his athlete.

In a recent interview with the Maeil Business Newspaper, Lee Chae-woon said, “I didn’t expect to become an athlete when I first encountered snowboarding. From one day, snowboarding came to my mind day and night, and I decided that there was nothing I wanted to do more than this, so I decided to become an athlete.” I made up my mind,” he said with a smile.

What does Lee Chae-woon think is the charm of snowboarding? “There is nothing more thrilling than trying out different skills while riding a board,” he said.

Lee Chae-woon’s presence in the recent international competition is considerable. He took fourth place in two consecutive men’s halfpipe events at the FIS Snowboarding World Cup, becoming a player the world is paying attention to. Lee Chae-woon was not satisfied. He expressed his regret as he missed the opportunity to reach the podium right in front of his eyes due to a minor mistake. Lee Chae-woon said, “It’s a pity as much as I thought I could win the championship if I climb the podium and do well.”

If Lee Chae-woon wins a medal at the FIS World Cup, he will become the protagonist of a new history in Korean snowboarding halfpipe. Among the Korean players, only Lee Sang-ho, Choi Bo-goon, and Jung Hae-rim in the snowboarding alpine event reached the FIS World Cup podium. However, Lee Chae-woon does not give meaning at first. Lee Chae-woon said, “What is more important than the beginning is to show everything I have prepared on the field. I want to become a player who improves every year.” I will become one of the best players,” he stressed.

He also has a clear end goal he wants to achieve as a snowboard halfpipe player. Lee Chae-woon said, “I want to be the first player to be mentioned when it comes to snowboarding halfpipe. I think I’ll feel better than any other nickname or modifier.” I will make the two-way technology completely mine and supplement the backside technology to become the world’s best.”

Even after training from early morning to late evening, Lee Chae-woon, who studies by watching snowboarding halfpipe videos on YouTube, has a different way to relieve stress. He said, “When I listen to old school hip-hop after all the schedules, my worries and worries disappear. There is no particular reason. Listening to old school hip-hop just makes me feel better.” 먹튀검증

The order chanted before the game starts is also unique. Lee Chae-woon explained, “I have been singing the Marine Corps military song for a while now and starting the game. It’s like a magic spell that gets rid of the pressure and concentrates my mind.” .

He also expressed his gratitude to the Lotte Group, which has been sponsored since December of last year. Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dong-bin, who has a special interest in snow sports, such as being active as a skier during his school days, has created a ski and snowboard team and generously supports his players so that they can focus only on the game. Lee Chae-woon said, “I am grateful to Chairman Shin Dong-bin and all the Lotte Group officials who believe in and support me regardless of grades. The reason why I was able to interview in English at the international competition was because my team gave me a teacher.” I will do my best to repay you,” he said.

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