A 175cm 30% hitter who gave up long hits… There is a 30th home run hitter at the same height 2 hours away 

  • February 19, 2023

He is 1m75 tall, but his style is completely different. One is a hitter and the other is a geopo.

Moon Seong-joo of the LG Twins and Jason Martin, the new foreign hitter of the NC Dinos, are on the opposite side of the line.

Moon Seong-joo emerged as the main player last season with accurate batting and quick feet. He showed a high-sensitivity batting enough to compete for the top batting title in the middle of the season. He suffered a sluggish performance in the last minute, posting a batting average of . 3.3 and an on-base percentage of . 4.1. Although he did not become the starting pitcher this season, he is preparing as a super backup. 바카라사이트

However, hitting coach Lee Ho-joon was surprised when he saw Moon Seong-joo’s hitting in the Arizona spring camp. The swing was completely different. Moon Seong-joo’s hitting was for long hits. Coach Lee hurriedly sought out coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop and discussed it, and the two concluded that Moon Seong-joo hit more regular hits than long hits. And he worked to convince him, and Seongju Moon, who tried to hit long hits because his competitors were giants, turned again to the alternating hitter. Manager Yeom instilled confidence in Moon Seong-ju, saying, “I can hit a home run with a simple and fast swing.”

However, there is a hitter who is 1m75 tall like Moon Seong-ju and has hit 32 home runs in the US Minor League Triple-A. This is Jason Martin, who came to the NC Dinos this season.

Last year, Nick Martini posted a decent record with a batting average of 2.96, 16 homers, and 85 RBIs, but NC wanted a hitter who could hit a lot of homers after Na Seong-beom and Yang Eui-ji left, so they chose Martin. Martin posted a batting average of 2.85 with 32 homers and 107 RBIs in Triple-A last year. If Martin shows long hitting power, it can be of great help to the NC lineup with many alternate hitters such as Park Kun-woo and Son Ah-seop.

Martin said, “As I got older, I learned how to use my body from 2019. Swings that fit my body resulted in a home run with a strong hit.” It draws out power,” he said of his long hitting secret.

What kind of confrontation will unfold when Moon Seong-ju and Martin face each other? I wonder.

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