‘9.8 Billion ML Row’ Ace’s heartbreaking video letter… “He made me who I am today”

 “You supported me, gave me opportunities, and made me who I am today. Thank you very much.”

Drew Luchinski (34, Oakland Athletics) thanked the NC Dinos for the past four years, which served as a springboard for his return to the major leagues in the United States. On the 27th, NC released a video letter sent by Luchinski himself on the club’s TV account.

It wasn’t something anyone asked for. It was an idea that Luchinski came up with after thinking about how to convey his thanks to the NC club, colleagues, and fans with sincerity. Luchinski wrote a thank-you message with great care, filmed a video of himself reading the contents, and delivered it to the NC interpreter manager.

Luchinski first signed with NC in 2019 and came to Korea. Until last year, he played 53 wins, 36 losses, 732⅔ innings, and an average ERA of 3.06 in 121 games in 4 seasons. He pitched more than 30 games and 170 innings each year, boasting outstanding durability as an ace. During his time as a first-choice starter in Korea, his game-management skills improved noticeably. Thanks to this, he was able to successfully sign a 1 + 1 year contract of up to 8 million dollars (approximately 9.8 billion won) with Oakland this winter and return to the big leagues.

Luchinski said, “Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay in Masan for the 2023 season, but I really wanted to say thank you. First of all, I want to thank the front staff and coaches. They supported me, gave me opportunities, and made me who I am today. Really. Thank you,” he expressed his heart.

I mentioned separately the staff who were willing to be Luchinski’s hands, feet, and mouth in an unfamiliar environment. Luchinski said, “The training part was the hardest working people in the club. They made me in the best condition so that I could go to the game every week. Also, it was a career that I would never have achieved without the interpreter managers. They really helped me hard both at work and after work. It was an achievement that could be achieved. I will be grateful and will miss it.” 메이저사이트

I couldn’t leave out greetings to my teammates with whom I had shared the joys and sorrows of the past four years. “I really enjoyed playing with my teammates. I will really miss them. I will support them everywhere, I will find them and watch them. I wish them all success and I hope they stay in touch. I wish them good luck this season as well,” said Luczynski. hope,” he said.

Thanks to the fans continued. Luchinski said, “They were really the best fans, and I’m grateful they always supported me. I really love them. Thanks to the enthusiastic welcome from the fans, me and my wife were able to live comfortably in Korea. Thank you very much.”

I didn’t forget the moment we shared NC’s first win in 2020. Luchinski said, “I was really happy to experience winning the Korean Series in 2020. I hope NC will win more championships. I was happy because I was an NC player. It will always be engraved in my heart, and I will be a member of the Dinos for the rest of my life.” If I get a chance at this spring camp, I want to meet the players in Tucson (Arizona, USA),” he expressed his longing.

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