’36-year-old heyday’ Park Eun-sun “Like a flower in a greenhouse”

The women’s national soccer team won two consecutive victories over Zambia, but there was a bigger harvest than the victory.

It was the ‘rediscovery of Park Eun-sun’ who became a 36-year-old veteran.

Could a third World Cup appearance be possible?

This is Reporter Song Ki-seong.

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Already 36 years old.온라인카지노

However, he has the ability to score goals, flashing movements, and even the right to deliver.

Park Eun-sun perfectly lived up to the expectations of coach Bell, who gave her a chance to start.

He tasted goals for the first time in 9 years in two consecutive matches against Zambia and was named the oldest scorer in an A match.

[Park Eun-seon/Women’s National Soccer Team]
“I was in a good mood, but should I say it felt like I was suddenly receiving attention? So I guess I was a bit shy. I’m the oldest in women’s soccer… I’ve been playing for a long time.”

His team-mates were more delighted with each goal he scored.

[Park Eun-seon/Women’s National Soccer Team] “When I score a goal, my younger siblings come running to me and hug me. But I don’t think there ‘s
a ceremony as good as that. It’s good that someone is happy when I score a goal…”

Sweet Park Eun-sun.

At 17 years younger, it’s not easy competing with his 2003 juniors.

[Park Eun-seon/Women’s soccer team]
“(Coach Bell) always forces ‘high intensity’ and ‘high intensity’ and it’s hard. That’s why sometimes I pass out early in the evening…” However, coach Colin Bell said that he would take care of it like a ‘flower in a greenhouse’ and take it to the World Cup

. In the third World Cup, the will was stronger.

[Park Eun-seon/Women’s National Soccer Team]
“I never thought I’d get a chance until the third time, but I don’t think there’ll be such an honor if I go to the World Cup and score a goal… I love you coach! I’ll work hard!”

Park Eun-seon’s soccer life was not smooth.

But now I am preparing for a happy ending with confidence.

[Park Eun-seon/Women’s National Soccer Team]
“I’ve reached the age of retirement, and since that time came, I had a lot of thoughts…I thought it was my job to show you a better and better look than a hard one, and I still feel that way.” I’m holding on.”

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