‘3 hits = 3 home runs’ Kim Ha-seong apology, if it had exploded a little earlier

The evaluation that it was the strongest keystone combination ever was colorless. The big leaguer duo of the same age, Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres) and Tommy Hyun-soo Edman (28 years old, St. Louis Cardinals), suffered painful results at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) without performing as well as expected.

The national team returned home through Incheon International Airport on the 14th, and Kim Ha-sung and Edmon boarded a plane to the United States. On the 15th (Korean time), Kim Ha-sung apologized to fans through his social network service (SNS) account. He felt a heavy responsibility.안전놀이터

Ha-seong Kim said, “I wanted to put on the Taegeuk mark again in three years and do really well.”

Although his batting average was low at 0.188 with 3 hits in 16 at-bats, he scored 6 RBIs by connecting all 3 hits to a home run.

But the most important thing was the first two games. If they recorded 3 wins and 1 loss, they could have advanced to the second round, but lost 7-8 in the match against Australia, where they were confident. Kim Ha-seong was silent with no hits in 4 at-bats. He was forced into a situation where he had to take down a more difficult opponent, Japan, but it was not easier. Kim Ha-seong left a regret this time with no hits in 4 at-bats, and Korea bowed its head with a crushing defeat.

After that, he hit a multi-home run against the Czech Republic. In the match against China, he also shot a grand slam, but could not prevent Korea from being eliminated in the first round. He says there is no “what if” in baseball, but he is left with a deep regret that he would have had a blow from Ha-seong Kim in the game against Australia.

Knowing that fact better than anyone else, Kim Ha-seong couldn’t fully rejoice even after hitting home runs against the Czech Republic and against China.

Criticism is pouring in towards his national team. Some are even responding to the harsh criticism as if expressing resentment. However, Kim Ha-seong said, “The results are the responsibility of the players who participated in the competition. I think it is natural to be criticized.” I believe it will grow. Once again, I am sorry and grateful to those who supported Team Korea.”

It was Kim Ha-seong who did not even think of being eliminated in the first round. He is Kim Ha-seong, who dreamed of going to the United States on a chartered plane after going through the second round. After 2019 Premier 12, I got a chance to play with my old colleagues in the KBO League by putting the Taegeuk mark again in about 3 years, but I had to pack up early without even showing my skills properly.

Kim Ha-seong, who returned to the United States leaving behind his disappointment, goes on a grudge for the new season. Ahead of the opening game of the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB) on the 31st, it is expected to participate in an exhibition game and adjust the sense of the game.

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