‘2-0 → 3-14’ Samsung, more than 1 loss shock! The third base spectator seats, which were filled with blue waves, are too crowded

Both the results and content of the match were below expectations. Samsung collapsed 3-14 against Changwon NC on the 20th. 

Samsung pitched sidearm Choi Ha-neul, and NC pitched Eric Peddy, who has the most wins and ERA, as starting pitchers. It was expected that the matchup would be tough enough to be summarized as a match between David and Goliath, but I did not expect it to be this much. 

The start was good. Samsung succeeded in scoring first in the first inning. Koo Ja-wook launched a two-run arch against NC starter Pedi. The heat in the third base spectator stands filled with blue waves was hot. 

But the joy was short-lived. Starter Choi Ha-neul allowed a two-run arch to Park Kun-woo in the first inning, and collapsed with 7 hits (1 home run), 1 walk and 7 runs in 1⅓ innings. He showed off his salty streak by recording an ERA of 1 point in the Futures League, but it did not work in the first team stage. 

Left-hander Heo Yoon-dong, who was in charge of minimizing additional runs and providing opportunities for pursuit, was also not good enough to block the NC lineup. He contributed 6 runs in 2⅓ innings. Choi Ha-neul and Heo Yun-dong contributed a whopping 13 points, and the pendulum of the game tilted toward NC early on. 메이저사이트

Only one mistake was officially recorded on this day, but a regrettable scene came out in the defense. Left fielder Kim Sang-min gave up a double in the first inning because he could not properly judge the position of the ball hit by Son Ah-seop. The situation might have been different if I had been wearing goggles instead of putting them on top of my hat. 

Oh Jae-il, who was praised as the best in the league for first base defense, also made the mistake of missing Son Ah-seop’s grounder hit at 1st and 2nd base in the third inning. Samsung suffered a shocking come-from-behind defeat. On the 21st, starter David Buchanan’s shoulders got heavier. /what@osen.co.kr

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