19-year-old rookie of ‘Future’s Home Run 1’, fell down after being hit by a 146km fastball… Left-handed hit ‘dazzling injury’

 LG’s rookie hitter Kim Beom-seok was hit by a pitch and almost suffered a major injury.

Kim Beom-seok started as the designated hitter number 4 in the Futures League match against KT 2nd team held at LG Champions Park in Icheon on the 20th.

Kim Beom-seok, who had hit a 130-meter home run the previous day, struck out on a swing by opponent starter Kim Min’s breaking ball in the first at-bat in the second inning. He was hit by a huge curveball.

In the 4th inning, LG trailed 0-6, Lee Joo-hyeong made up for one point with a solo home run that went over the left fence. Kim Beom-seok, who entered the plate, went on base with a ball that hit the body on the second pitch against Kim Min. As Kim Min’s curve fell into his hand, it headed toward Kim Bum-seok’s body, grazed his left hand and hit his torso.

Kim Beom-seok came out as the lead batter in the 6th inning and faced sidearm Kim Jeong-woon. The second fastball from the first ball headed toward Kim Bum-seok’s body, and fell down after being hit by his left hand. He tried to swing, but stopped and avoided it, but was hit hard on the left blade by a 146km fastball and collapsed.

The collapsed Kim Beom-seok complained of pain, and the trainer came out and sent a replacement sign to the bench. Fortunately, Kim Beom-seok, who got up after a while as if he was not seriously injured, walked to first base and was replaced by runner Um Tae-gyeong.메이저사이트

Kim Jeong-woon is a new pitcher who was nominated by KT as the 10th overall pick in the first round in the 2023 draft. He played with Kim Bum-seok, who joined LG in the 7th overall in the first round, in a high school tournament last year. He also competed with the national team at the U-18 Baseball World Cup held in the United States last summer.

Kim Jeong-woon took off his hat and said ‘I’m sorry’ to Kim Beom-seok, and Kim Beom-seok responded with a hand gesture saying ‘It’s okay’ as he was replaced and returned to the dugout.

Kim Bum-seok ranks first in home runs (6) in the Futures League. By the 19th, he had a batting average of 3.6, 6 homers, 19 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.058. 

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