‘10 more wins ahead’ KB Start’s ranking, which started belatedly, will continue to the postseason

Among the terms in the music industry, there is a word called ‘reverse ranking’. When it was released as a new song, it did not receive much attention, but belatedly became popular and soared from the bottom of the ranking chart to the top. A recent representative example is Younha’s song ‘Event Horizon’.

Even in the women’s professional basketball world in this 2022-2023 season, there is a club that is aiming for a ‘reverse run in the rankings’. It is Cheongju KB Stars, the defending champion last season. KB Stars is a strong team that dominated WKBL in the 2021-2022 season. Following the regular league, he showed off his mighty power in the championship match and achieved a combined victory.

However, this season, from the beginning, it was in the swamp of sluggishness. The biggest factor is the vacancy of Park Ji-soo of the National Treasure Center, who was the key player in the combined championship last season. At the beginning of this season, Park Ji-soo was unable to play due to a sudden airport disorder. Park Ji-soo’s gap was bigger than expected. KB Stars plummeted to the bottom of the ranks, disregarding the modifier ‘defending champion’. The second consecutive championship was unnerving, and it seemed impossible to advance to the postseason where they could go up to 4th place.

However, the situation suddenly changed when Park Ji-soo made a comeback in mid-December last year, at the beginning of the third round. Due to the treatment of panic disorder, his physical condition and skills were greatly reduced compared to last season, but the presence of ‘WKBL’s tallest center’ was still the same. KB Stars, who were struggling in the lower ranks, can also dream of a full-fledged ‘reversal in the rankings’ as Park Ji-soo joined the force. 메이저사이트

In fact, KB Stars won the away game against Yongin Samsung Life Insurance on the 25th and achieved the first three consecutive wins of the season. Still, the goal of the early sluggishness is so deep that the ranking is still 5th in the league (7 wins and 13 losses). However, it caught up with Incheon Shinhan Bank in 4th place by 3.5 games. In addition, with 10 matches remaining in the 5th and 6th rounds, a miraculous ‘reversal in the rankings’ does not seem impossible. Above all, it is encouraging that Park Ji-soo’s condition and performance are improving as the game progresses.

For this reason, KB Stars coach Kim Wan-soo is also showing a strong desire to advance to the postseason. He said ahead of the Samsung Life Insurance match, “My goal is to win all the remaining 11 games. If I win all of them, it can be a stable right to advance to the postseason.” Since Samsung Life has been defeated, ’10 wins’ remain. A total of 13 consecutive wins, including the current 3 wins. It is never an easy goal. However, if it is KB Stars with ‘normal power’, it is worth trying. Attention is focusing on how far KB Stars’ reverse running in the rankings will continue.

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